New York: Days 1 and 2

Finally starting to catch up! MB and I had a fun but exhausting time in New York and New Jersey. Rather than write a complete recap, I’m breaking the trip up into two or three day increments. Otherwise, it will take me forever, and you’ll get bored by a very long and overly detailed blog post.


We flew out Tuesday morning. Because I hadn’t slept well Sunday night or Monday night (pre-travel jitters), I was pretty exhausted. However, the airport was fairly empty, so that was a relief.

As I complained in a previous post, I didn’t notice that we had no assigned seats till it was too late, and we each ended up in a middle seat. That wasn’t too bad, except the dumbass lady in the aisle seat of my row had put her full cup of coffee in the seat back pocket, which I didn’t realize till I squeezed in, knocked into it, and a cream and sugar cascade spilled out. Miraculously none of it got on me, though our row reeked of coffee for the rest of the flight. At least she apologized profusely.

We landed in the early evening, and found that it was hot and sticky. Wtf, New York? I thought summer was over. There was tons of traffic, but at least the cab ride from JFK into Manhattan is a flat fee. Plus it was nice to see the New York skyline (I’m home!).

Our hotel was lovely. We decided to splurge on a nice place for a few nights, and sort of randomly chose The Inn at Irving Place, mostly because I love that street. We were delighted to find that the place was cozy and quaint, with excellent service, sort of like a bed and breakfast in the middle of Manhattan. Then when we were brought to our room, we were flabbergasted.

It was HUGE! Almost the size of our apartment, minus the kitchen. We realized they had probably given us a queen or a junior suite for the price of a regular guestroom. What I also liked was that it didn’t have a hotel feel – that overly dry air, that utter darkness from too-heavy curtains. It felt more like an apartment. A pied-à-terre, if you will.

We were starving and walked over to the Shack Shake in Madison Square Park. The line was ridiculous! But well worth the wait.

We were both sort of shocked at how many people there were. I mean, it was a typical warm NYC night, but I guess after two years in SF, we’ve become accustomed to a lot fewer people.


Hot and sticky again!

Another cool thing about the hotel was there was free breakfast! Coffee, fruit, pastries, yogurt. You know I love free shit. I was pooped and slept in, but MB got hungry early and went downstairs. When I finally got up, I was feeling lazy and had breakfast brought up – and totally neglected to tip the guy. D’oh! I’m such a rube.

MB and I each had our own lunch plans that day. I went up to my old ‘hood and saw SB – what a sight for sore eyes! We walked around, feasted on tuna and bagels at Sable’s (at my insistence – first real bagel in two years!) and more coffee for jetlagged me. Later we picked up  SB’s daughter from school. Ellie seems enormous to me now, and cracked me up as much as ever.

By that afternoon, I had already sweated through all my light clothes, and MB hadn’t brought any. So we hit Brooklyn Industries and got some T-shirts and shorts. No tax on clothes, woot!

Next stop: Grand Central! Unfortunately we decided to head up during rush hour, so it was absolutely batshit insane. I can’t believe I used to deal with that every day. We wanted to eat our favorite place there, but it was closed! Wah wah waaah.

Back downtown we headed and to our favorite ramen place. That was closed too! Luckily the night before we saw another location on St. Mark’s Place. We weren’t sure if that was always there, or if they had moved. We didn’t care. We hoofed it to St. Mark’s and feasted on delicious, delicious noodles, soyu for MB, spicy for me. (I want some now.)

We were totally pooped by the time we finished eating. Took a leisurely walk back up to our hotel, and crashed in A/C for the rest of the night.

Up next, the terrified young-ish woman on the flying trapeze!


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