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A former corporate cog and long-time New Yorker, ANGELA TUNG is a writer in San Francisco. Her work has appeared in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, CNN Living, The Frisky, The Nervous Breakdown, The Week, and elsewhere. Her Young Adult novel, Song of the Stranger, was published by Roxbury Park Books.

Her latest book, Black Fish: Memoir of a Bad Luck Girl, chronicles the failed marriage between a Chinese woman and Korean man, both American-born but bound by old world traditions. Black Fish has been called “a work of dark enchantment, in which history, magic, and fate loom as large as character and desire,” and “a beautiful, cultural tapestry that keeps the reader riveted.” It was shortlisted for the 2010 Graywolf Nonfiction Prize.

Black Fish is available now in both paperback and ebook.

In addition, she’s the Managing Editor for Reverb Technologies, where she also blogs about words and language. She has an MS in Library Science from the Pratt Institute, an MA in Creative Writing from Boston University, where she was the fiction fellow, and a BA in English from Barnard College.

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  1. Angela, I want to thank you for writing your 2010 article titled, “Girl Talk: I Don’t Want To Get Married Again” which I read on The Frisky.Com.
    As a soon to be divorced man, I never want to be married again. I didn’t want to get married before I met my wife because I didn’t understand the purpose. After 30k in therapy bills, I realize now that I went through the ceremony because it was “the right thing to do”. I literally woke up at 4AM this morning worried that my lack of interest in marriage would prevent me from having a deep emotional relationship with another woman, again. Will I ever have a deep meaningful relationship again, or am I destined for a life of short and shallow relationships because I never want to get married again? Are my hopes for more children gone? Emotionally, I can feel married again but I can’t do it legally. I was feeling depressed and very sad at my prospects for future emotional connection to another woman. A person to share our lives together. Then I read the following section in your article:
    “….I loved knowing he stuck around because he wanted to, not because he had to. That he included me in his big decisions because he cared about my feelings, not because I was the old ball and chain. That my dreams were as important as his……My dream wedding will remain a dream, as it should, since no reality can match it, and my relationship will remain real.”
    I can’t describe the impact this message had on me. Not only did your sentiment reflect my feelings more perfectly than I could express on my own, but it gave me hope that there are women out there that see the world like I do. It tells me I can have REAL happiness in the future.
    Your article helped me a great deal. Gotta go. My son is demanding his breakfast.
    Thanks again, Angela

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