Apr 08

Tuesday randomness

It’s only Tuesday and I’m already ready to get random.

I finally got my watch fixed. After several years of not wearing a watch, I’ve recently started wearing my again. Only I either a) can’t stop looking at it, especially in long boring meetings, or 2) forget that I have it on so that I’m wandering around, wondering what time it is. Today I forgot to wear it.

Firefly was a good show. MB downloaded a bunch of episodes and we’ve been watching them for the past few days. What a good show. It’s neat that Chinese is thrown in here and there (the Alliance is a U.S.-Sino Alliance, since in the future America and China will be the only true super powers left), but sometimes the actors’ accents are so bad, I can’t tell what they’re saying. Too bad the show was canceled.

My mother can be so annoying. I called her late last week to tell her about the jobs I’ve been interviewing for, and how I actually feel hopeful. She said, “That nice. But it’s not like your job is so bad now.” Um, have you not been listening to me complain for the past year?

But that’s not all: “Sure, getting a new job is nice, but what’s more important is that you’re with someone now.”

Wha? Hunh?

One doesn’t preclude the other – career and relationship are in two different realms for me. I was perfectly fine boyfriend-less, but in a crappy job with a shitty boss, I’m still unhappy. No boyfriend = happy. With boyfriend = happier. Crappy job = UNHAPPY. Uncrappy job = happy.

My mother didn’t really see my point.

And the rest. Reposted my furniture ad and have gotten more responders. Hopefully tonight “Jenny” will buy my tea tables. Another woman is supposedly interested in the dressers and couch. Don’t tease me!

Had another digital marketing interview bright and early this morning. I think it went well, but who knows. Have my last one for communication manager in a little bit.

Jul 07

Giant Blast Rocks Midtown East, Anna May Hears Nothing

You may have heard about the steam pipe explosion that occured on 41st and 3rd yesterday, which is a block away from where I work. It wasn’t terrorism but, as Mayor Bloomberg put it, “a failure of our infrastructure.” One person died and about 30 were injured.

The sound of the explosion has been described as a deep, unending, thunderous roar. Tons and tons of steam and dirt and debris blew up into the sky like a geyser, and everyone just started running, looks of panic and fear on their faces.

I, on the other hand, HEARD NOTHING.

I was at the company gym, and it seems none my fellow exercisers heard anything either. True, most of us had our headphones on and were working away on noisy machines, but you’d think someone would have heard something. Though I guess there’s no reason to panic.

I found out what had happened when an announcement came on. Getting home wasn’t too bad. It’s a mile and a half, which I’ve walked many times. Tons of people were walking and having trouble with cell phones. I was able to make a couple of calls, SB and my mom, who had no idea what happened, prompting an infuriating conversation:

Me: Did you hear what happened? There was a pipe explosion. But I’m walking home now.
Mom: What?!? An explosion?! What?!?
Me (screaming over passing firetrucks): A pipe explosion! On 41st and 3rd! But I’m walking home now!
Mom: What?!? You’re walking home?!? But it’s so late!
It was 7 pm. Me: Silence, rolling eyes.
Mom: What happened? Which building exploded?
Me: Not a building! A pipe!
Mom: Which building?
Me: No! A pipe, a pipe!
Mom: What?
Me: I don’t know! Watch the news! I just called to tell you I’m okay and walking home now!
Mom (finally getting a clue): Oh, okay! I’ll watch the news!
Me: Okay! Bye!


This morning I didn’t even bother trying the subway, but walked to work and showered at the gym.

All of this reminds me of when that house on Park Avenue exploded last summer. I was about 10 blocks away and again heard nothing. Guess my iPod works well.