BLACK FISH: Memoir of a Bad Luck Girl

Paperback 9.99

A finalist for Graywolf Press’ 2010 Nonfiction Prize.

The Chinese horoscopes warned us: Don’t even try it! Very very difficult! Run away now. The black angelfish I gave him was deemed a dark omen and bringer of bad luck. He was fire and I was water, and together we formed cai, the Chinese character for disaster. Still we didn’t listen. Still we fell in love. Love would be enough.

Wouldn’t it?

“In Black Fish, Angela transforms an account of a failed marriage into a work of dark enchantment, in which history, magic, and fate loom as large as character and desire. This is a memoir that spares no one, least of all its unblinking narrator, who records the breakup in prose as clear and bitter as medicine and as beguiling as a dream.” – Peter Trachtenberg, author of The Book of Calamities: Five Questions About Suffering and Its Meaning, and 7 Tattoos: A Memoir in the Flesh

“Angela’s writing is lyrical, quiet and potent. She weaves her stories into a beautiful, cultural tapestry that keeps the reader riveted.” – Kimberlee Auerbach, author of The Devil, The Lovers and Me: My Life In Tarot

“Angela Tung’s Black Fish explores so many great themes. Trying to pursue art to the antagonism and mockery of your spouse and relatives. Spending time ‘in the homeland’ and finding out you’re a foreigner there, too. Wondering why you’re so unlucky while others around you seem to find happiness so easily. All of this is shot through with Tung’s East Coast Asian American sensibility, a certain toughness to the voice even when enduring humiliations at the hands of her husband and in-laws.” – Ed Lin, author of One Red Bastard and Snakes Can’t Run

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