I’m not your typical Asian female

I’m not your typical Asian female.

My hair is not silky, long, and straight. It’s
short and thick and coarse. The ends
bristle like a new broom. The surface
frizzes in humidity. A thatch of white
hides on my 33-year old head, though
lately it’s become bolder, and peeks
out occasionally, to see what’s going on.

I’m not your typical Asian female. My
skin is not pale and porcelain-clear. Freckles
abound, brown spots and splotches striding
across my face like they own the place. I’ve
tried every whitening product known to wo/
man. I’ve tried to stay out of the sun. My
freckles do a little dance when I go there.

I’m not your typical Asian female. My
arms and legs are not bone-thin. My
delts and biceps swell at even the sight
of a weight machine. I have thighs
one clap short of thunder, I have
rice-paddy calves, made for squatting. I’d
have made an excellent peasant, I’d
have made some farmer a good wife.


If my hair were silky, long, and straight, if
my freckles disappeared, if my arms and legs
were indeed bone-thin, I wouldn’t be writing this poem.

My hair wouldn’t curl in the rain, one wayward loop
to be brushed away by a tender hand. My face
wouldn’t be as surprising upon second glance –
you have freckles! always said with delight. Thin limbs
would lose me in a midst of wispy girls. I’d not stride
as strong and fast, I’d not clap as loudly. I’d be
your typical Asian girl.


Is there really such a thing as a typical Asian girl? Is
there such a thing as a typical any girl, a typical
any woman, a typical any one? Everyone is atypical.
Everyone should shake their coarse, white-streaked heads,
lift their freckle-covered faces, raise their thick, strong arms –
everyone should do a little dance in the sun.

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  1. reasonably prudent poet

    nice. and i usually cringe when people post their poems on their blogs.