Now that I’ve been living in my place for almost 18 months, I’ve developed a pleasant yet distant rapport with some of my neighbors.

Pleasant yet distant is how I like it. Let’s say hello and smile, and even make little comments about the ongoing mouse problem on the second and third floors (yikes!), but that’s enough. We all have our own lives. So of course I’m freaked out by both the overly friendly and the overtly bitchy.

Case in point: the guy across the hall. He moved in over the summer, replacing the distant-yet-pleasant, younger, cuter guy who lived there. The new guy is probably in his early 40s, and looked way too pleased to bump into me shortly after he moved in.

“Oh!” he said as though delighted to find a $10 in an old pair of pants. “Hi!” Now whenever we run into each other, he not only has to say hello, he has to stop dead in his tracks, make eye contact for way longer than he needs to, and not just say hello but ask what’s new, how I’m doing, how’s it going.

I guess he has a thing for me, or a thing for Asian women, as I witnessed him and a quite young-looking Asian ladyfriend leave his apartment one hot Sunday morning.

Yuck-o. Not for me.

On the other end of the spectrum, Friday I let in this woman, perhaps in her 40s, dishwater blond hair. The bitch didn’t even look at me, let alone thank me as I opened the door for her. I was so flabbergasted, I just stared at her. No eye contact, nothing. Unbelievable.

Why can’t everyone be like the nice Israeli couple on the second floor? The woman is semi-friendly while the guy always says hello but not in a gooey way, and plus he’s hot.

Or the older cowboy boot wearing gentleman who lives above me? True, sometimes I wish he wouldn’t wear those boots while walking back and forth over my head, but whenever I see him, he’s very polite but not creepy.

Or even my next door neighbor who has noisy and vigorous sex with his girlfriend whenever they’re home? I prefer not to hear the groans and grunts, especially at this date-less stage in the game, but they’re always nice when I run into them.

* * *

Speaking of date-less, I had a loser, no plans weekend. I mean, it wasn’t a total loss. I had a good run yesterday, and my apartment is spic and span. Also, I went to Chinatown to get some groceries and ended up running onto the tail end of some early Mid-Autumn Moon Festival activities.

And although I trashed MySpace, I gave in and made a profile. I needed one anyway to look at S.’s and my brother’s blogs, so I beefed up the empty one I had set up.

I’ve also done searches on people from the past. I thought I found a girl I was friends with back in elementary school, and was dismayed to discover that she is now a former drug addict living in Texas.

This was strange to me since the last time I talked to her, which was early in college, she was on her way to dental school. So I did a Google search, and I think the person on MySpace just has the same name and happens to be around the same age, and that my old friend is indeed a dentist either in Indiana or South Carolina, and not a crackwhore in the southwest.

Interesting what you can find on the web.


  1. It’s fascinating to consider the community you are inadvertently part of when you live in a building. And it’s not the least bit as cool as television shows would have you know!

    I did the near-romance with a neighbour but that didn’t pan out and it was SO awkward until he moved out!

    Date-less time is simply YOU-time. =) And you deserve your attention.

    It’s funny. For all my web-presence (professional, webpage(s), photo-sharing), I don’t have a MySpace. A hold-out. But your mentioning of finding old acquaintances/friends on it has me a little enticed… LOL.

  2. Yeah, neighbors can be weird. I recently moved to Sunset Park (bought a brownstone with my sister). And our block is creepily conservative. There’s a guy across the street that has video monitors always running as some sort of neighborhood watch project (except, he was prickly about lending us a videotape after our place was robbed, because he didn’t want his collection to be incomplete).

  3. i hate that about apartment living: the forced interaction and pleasantries.

    and so funny about myspace and the crackwhore/not crackwhore!

  4. um, isn’t myspace for 13 year olds?

  5. jayfish: yeah pretty much, i’m afraid to say.

  6. Sadly, my childhood friends ARE on myspace, and they are all pretty much crackwhores. I had a boring weekend too.