One quick post before I’m off to Boston for the weekend.

A quiet week overall. Lots of TV, I’m afraid, but there’s something good on every night! Caught up with Project Runway yesterday. Won’t give anything away to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Can’t believe Jaeda made it through another round on Model. Almost cried during Pam and Jim’s conversation on The Office. Just attack each other already!

Did a morning workout every day this week – yippee! Skin’s looking a little better. Perhaps hormonal, perhaps these free samples of expensive gook.

Starting to read I Know This Much Is True. Not bad so far, but the voice is like watered down Stephen King. I have the hard cover for some reason and it weighs about a million pounds. But a 3+ hour train ride is the perfect opportunity to read a lot and write a little.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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  1. i’ll just go on record as saying i didn’t like the outcome of project runway.

    hope boston treats you well!