pumpkins lit

Happy Halloween everyone! I was going to go to the parade in the Village tonight, but after schlepping out to New Jersey and back for a meeting this morning – didn’t get back till 2 – I’m pooped.

Last night The Exorcist was on, and though that movie scares the bejeezus out of me, I can never resist watching it. I did have to step away during Father Karras’ nightmare about his mother. I can’t stand seeing the flash of that demon face. Yikes!


  1. Hey its SG. Great pic. So B was watching the Exorcist also last night while I was in class. The next scary movie was Hellraiser. He changed the channel to watch something else and told me the TV switched back to Hellraiser twice by itself. Just hearing the story freaked me out. You know the house is an old one. Not sure if there’s anyone in there with us but I’m gonna bless the house, just in case. FREA-KEY!

  2. Happy BOO to you too!

  3. The first time I watched the Exorcist I was twelve. We watched it in the afternoon with the sun shining brightly. I didn’t see what the big deal was…until later that night while lying in bed I was scared out of my mnd that Regan was going to walk into my room! What a stupid kid!

  4. SG! your first comment. :) um, yikes re: your possessed TV!

    hemlock: :)

    chloe: i was a kid too the first time i saw the exorcist, 9 or 10. i got sick right after and when i was loopy with fever, i was convinced that i was possessed.

  5. I so can’t watch that movie! Saw it for the first time in college with the lights off, my roomate jumped out of her room and yelled boo at once scene, freaked me out. I didn’t sleep for 3 days.
    No more scary-ish movies for me after that.

  6. not sure if i’ve seen that one all the way through. might need to go back and revisit it.