Gilmore Girls: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

As usual, beware upcoming spoilers.

Finally, stuff happened! A few observations.

1) Marty is my kind of hot. I always thought Rory should have picked Marty over Logan.
2) Christopher is my kind of hot too. I saw an old episode when he had longer hair, and his buzz cut is way better.
3) But I still think it should be Luke and Lorelai.
4) Lorelai was hilarious about the jetlag, cheeseburgers, and being so hungry.
5) I love the idea of walking around Paris in the middle of the night.
6) “Welcome home, Mrs. Hayden.” Lorelai futzing with her wedding band. GACK!
7) Zach was so cute to Lane. Maybe I’m a sucker. Can’t help it.

On another note, I’m sooo behind for NaNoWriMo. Like 2,000 words behind. Monday I did zero writing, Tuesday I did a tiny bit, having rewritten a scene three times, and today I did a tiny bit since I was at an all-day training session, which runs tomorrow as well. I’ll try to do some tonight.

There’s always the weekend. Five thousand words a day? Sure, why not.


  1. At the end of the show I was about to crawl through my tv and strangle Lorelai. Geesh, girl, make up your mind! If she messes this up…wasn’t sure what the whole Marty thing was about. Any insights on where they might be going with that?

  2. yeah, rory has always had really bad taste in men. i was disgusted when she was with jess, he was such a dick.
    and yeah, lorelai needs a good smack upside the head; that woman is NEVER happy.

  3. You’re not the only one behind on Nanowrimo writing.

    Mine’s more of a flu-induced writer’s block, though. I’m considering abandonning it altogether.

    As for Gilmore Girls, though…yeah, I agree with you about Marty. I don’t know if you read the spoilers or not (yes, I’m a geek about that sort of thing), but David Rosenthal had some interesting things to say about the whole situation and I couldn’t help but feel this small sense of disappointment.

  4. i hope you don’t abandon nanowrimo! though i imagine it’s hard to do anything with the flu.

    hmm, now i’m tempted to read the spoilers for gilmore girls, esp since i missed last week’s episode.