All work and no play

Looks like I’ll have to cancel my trip to L.A. :(

All this work stuff came up that I need to complete by 12/18. It wasn’t really last minute. It’s been ongoing but I only recently realized my vacation schedule didn’t gibe with this deadline.

At first I tried to squeeze the trip, ie, fly down on Friday and come back Sunday, but the flights are pretty expensive and don’t come in or fly out at convenient times. So I’ll go in January or February instead.

While I’m disappointed, it’s not like I’m canceling a meticulously planned out trip overseas. There’s just the $30 cancelation fee and telling folks I can’t make it. Besides I’d rather go at a time that I won’t be constantly thinking about work.

Another upside is that in January or February, my cousin will be more ready for a visit. If I go next week, there’s a chance the baby won’t even be home yet from the hospital.

On another note, yesterday I had the privilege of going on a Savory Sojourns walking tour in the West Village. We started at an Italian restaurant for lunch. I had the seafood risotto, which was yummy, but so filling I barely made a dent in the huge plate.

Afterwards I had a bit of exquisite espresso, and while exquisette, it did a number on my stomach, and I wasn’t able to “savor” much of anything else. It was still fun though to walk around a part of town I’m not familiar with.

One of the highlights was what I’m calling an olive oil chandelier:

I also loved going into the Porto Rico coffee shop. It smelled amazing. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let us take pictures. Bastards.

The holiday shopping has begun. I already got my mom a coffee maker, the same model I have. The one she has is totally ghetto. The filter part doesn’t close properly and so my dad put some tape to hold it in place. Also, it’s glass so you can see the stains. The one I bought is aluminum. In addition I’ll get her some nice coffee and the correct size filters.

For my father I’m planning on a wine club thing, two bottles of red a month for three to six months, I haven’t decided yet. Also for their anniversary, which is on December 27, I’m planning on a gift basket of wines and sweets. I’d like to get my cousin an outfit for her daughter and something beauty product-ish for her.

Tonight and Sunday I’m volunteering at the Small Press Center’s book fair. Should be interesting.


  1. That’s too bad that you won’t be going to LA, but your rationale makes quite a bit of sense.

    For some reason, your post has gotten me in the Christmas mood by a tad. No amazing changes, but enough to get me thinking about the holidays.

    Boy do I have some work to do!

  2. That’s a bummer about LA, but it definitely might be better after the baby’s home and settled for a bit.
    I love the W. Village, in case you head out there again you should try any of the following restaurants: Maroons (16th and 7th I think) really really really good fried chicken and other stuff.
    Mexicana Mama (Hudson and 10th) it’s a small funky place, but they had really good entrees, and one salsa that was insanely good (it was a special they had like once a week).
    You’ve surely been to City Bakery right? Yum Yum grilled chocolate sandwiches and hot chocolate and the best mac and cheese ever (it’s the only recipe I use).

  3. hemlock: yeah, it kind of hit me all of the suddeny too (work work and holiday work!).

    sitcomgirl: yum, fried chicken! will have to check out maroon’s. i’ve been to the mexicana mama in midtown and i agree, it’s fun and the food is amazing.

    i haven’t been to city bakery but anyplace that has chocolate sandwiches has got to be good.