The end of an era

YP’s time here is winding down. Friday is his last day, and he’s been transitioning his work and projects to the other admin.

It’ll be really boring here without him. Who will I talk to a hundred times a day? Who will I make sarcastic jokes with? I thought he was here just three years, but he reminded yesterday that in January, it would have been four. Wow. Four years of seeing a good friend almost every day; starting next week, nothing. :( There’s always IM and of course we’ll stay in touch outside of work – which could potentially be more fun – but it’s not the same.

I tend to get very attached to people. Loyalty is a big thing for me. At one of my old jobs, we took the Myers-Briggs assessment, and one of my traits was that I’m so loyal that I’d go as far as change jobs to stick to the people I like. At the time I thought that was a bit crazy, but now it doesn’t seem far-fetched at all.

I was right that this week was fairly quiet. Yesterday I had a contentious meeting with a contentious individual, but it wasn’t just me that I had issues with this person. The meeting did nothing to rectify the situation, but it was a chance for this person to demonstrate – in front of our group leader – the qualities that several of us have been complaining about for some time, eg, inconsistent direction, bulldozing conversations, not listening. So although it was stressful to have it out with this person in front of a group, it was good for our group leader to see her in action.

Tonight we have a team holiday dinner and tomorrow we admins and former admins are taking YP out to lunch.

Most of my holiday stuff is done. I just need to get some Jacques Torres AM Quickie chocolate bars for the “Breakfast Gift Bag” I’m putting together for my mom. I’m also including the Godiva Holiday Coffee Collection and some coffee filters that go with the new coffeemaker I’ll be giving.

For my dad, in addition to a 3-month wine-of-the-month membership, I’m assembling an Antioxidant Gift Bag, since he is all about the antioxidants these days. In the bag will be a couple of tins of Republic of Tea The People’s Green Tea, a bag of almonds, and a couple of bars of organic dark chocolate.

And I still have this package I need to ship to my cousin and her new baby. I’m being so pokey about it. It’s my albatross right now.


  1. mmmm, Jacques Torres…

    wasn’t today the last day for shipping out state to get there on time? ;)

  2. luckily for me there’s a jacques torres right downtown. i can just pick it up and schlep the stuff with me to nj.

  3. Working with difficult people is so frustrating. I hope you see some kind of resolution soon.

    Yummm, chocolate! Sounds like a nice antioxidant package for your dad.

  4. Loyalty is a rare trait in these disposible days. I admire you!