Vacation, all I ever wanted

It finally hit me this afternoon that I’ll be on vacation for the next few days. Yippee! This is the little trip I had to postpone in December, and now that the project I was working on has launched, I can go away feeling relaxed.

My brother is taking Friday off so we can go around that day. The plan so far is to go to our uncle’s house on Saturday. There we’d see, obviously, our uncle, aunt, cousin TL (our other cousin JL is here on the east coast going to med school), grandmother, and aunt from Connecticut who is coincidentally visiting now too.

Sunday we’ll probably go see our cousin from China, her husband, and their new baby. And at some point I get to meet my bro’s girlfriend, who went to my college, funnily enough. Busy but fun. And then next weekend ES and AY are probably coming. Non-stop party at Anna May’s! Yeah, right. More like nonstop TV.

I was going to go straight from work to the airport, but my afternoon is clear so I think I’ll leave a little early so I won’t have to drag my suitcase downtown on the subway. Also, I need to bring my laptop for a presentation and that thing weighs a ton.

I was unclear about what I can and can’t carry on, so I looked here. I have so many beauty products, I’m definitly checking my luggage. The most “liquid,” aside from water – I think I can buy water after pass through security, right? – I’ll bring on is my contact lens solution. Better put it in a ziplock though. Who knows what they might pull me aside for.

I’d say I’m looking forward to the weather, but it seems it will be about the same as here, mid-50s to low-60s. Oh well, at least I won’t have to worry about switching up my wardrobe too much.


  1. a QUART ziplock with liquids under 3 ounces that you send through separately from you other stuff. i saw one woman who had hers STUFFED to bursting with cosmetics and stuff. water you can buy after security.

    Have a great trip!!!

  2. Are you coming out here to CA (I can’t recall off the top of my head where your bro lives)?

    If yes, then be prepared for COLD because a cold front is coming in overnight and temps are supposed to be in the 30-40s, at least up here in NorCal, not sure about SoCal.

    But, I guess that’s not so bad for someone who lives in NYC, huh? Yeah, us CA people are spoiled. Yesterday it was almot 70!

  3. During cross-Canada travels in December, to avoid them searching my bag, a kindly officer isolated my non-solids (lip gel, hand lotion) in a clear zip-lock bag about five-inches across. If your tube of stuff doesn’t fit across the 5 inches, it’s probably more than 3 oz/100 mL.

  4. thanks, guys, for all the advice! my travel contact lens solution is 4 oz – d’oh! guess i’ll have to buy a smaller one tomorrow.

    chloe, i’ll be in SoCal, which will be on the cool side, the upper 50s. hopefully at least it’ll be sunny.

  5. I think if you can avoid bringing any liquid on the flight with you, you will avoid problems. Then again, if you need your contact solution, you’re in a bit of a bind. I’m sure the advice given by previous commenters is more accurate than I can provide anyway.

    Vacations are always so nice, especially when they sneak up on you! :) Have a great time!

  6. Wow, I have never had a vacation sneak up on me, too much anticipation.

  7. Have a great vacation, and don’t forget to bring me back a present.

  8. Your contact solution and other “essentials” can be over 3 oz. I think you just have to let them know.

  9. hemlock: if i had better glasses, i’d take my lenses out before getting on the plane. unfortunately the prescription for my glasses is too weak and i can barely see with them.

    r42k: yeah, usually i’m a planner. maybe having had to postpone it threw me off.

    zydeco: i’ll bring you back good tidings. in fact i’ll give them to you now.

    thanks for the bon voyage.

    greg: good to know! and i love how they cite “KY jelly” as the first example for prescription and OTC medications. very important.

  10. have fun anna may!!

  11. Ooh… that directive is so tiresome. Try telling a lady not to bring onboard her cleanser, toner, moisturiser… shudder (at least for me)

    Enjoy your vacation!