The desk is set up

Enough with the desk already, right? Too bad.

It arrived Friday night at 7:15 so I’m glad I rushed through my workout and got home in time. The boxes were smaller and lighter than I was expecting – the guy was able to carry both at once up to my apartment – so I might have been able to bring them home myself. Oh well.

Before tackling the desk, I first brought my old bookcase downstairs, almost klling myself a couple of times, to leave on the sidwalk. By the next morning it was gone.

The desk was pretty easy to put together, but I was dismayed to find that I’d have to drill a wall mount. Not that I’ve never drilled anything before – my window blinds, towel rack, tie rack appropriated as a necklace holder – but I always find that kind of work a little daunting at first. Of course when I actually did it, it was fine. Not perfect but secure enough.

Now I want to get a matching bookcase. There’s a place in my bedroom that would be perfect for it.

~ ~ ~

In other news, yesterday I had lunch with SB, who was without child. Pork cutlet bento box at Go Sushi – yum! Then we hit a bookstore. It was so cold out, we didn’t last much longer after that. She went home to take a nap while I grabbed a large mocha joe – not as good as the ones I had in L.A. – and went to my place to continue reorganizing my stuff.

That night I went to YP’s birthday party. I met some interesting new people, had a tasty pomegranate cocktail, and some delicious Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cake. It may sound weird but the subtly salty flavor really made the chocolate pop. YP and his best friend from home schlepped all the way out to Red Hook, Brooklyn to pick it up.

Afterwards some of us went dancing. Unfortunately we weren’t able to check our bags and coats – coatcheck was closed, which we found out only after half an hour of waiting – and so we weren’t able to dance. But we had a round of drinks and watched the crowd a little while before heading back out into the cold.

One pomegranate cocktail + one gin and tonic = Drunk Anna May

I know: I’m a lightweight.

Being drunk made me think taking the subway at 1 in the morning would be okay. It wasn’t dangerous but not many trains were running. I actually have no idea how long I waited, having lost all sense of time. It was probably something like 10 minutes before I got fed up and grabbed a cab.

One pomegranate cocktail + one gin and tonic = Hungover Anna May

I was pretty worn out today. At noon for some reason I craved McDonald’s like crazy, and ended up pigging out on a fish filet, McNuggets, and fries. This afternoon I took a short nap and felt much better afterwards. Didn’t clean at all. Will have to during the week.


  1. don’t feel bad, z and i can’t handle more than 3 drinks before we’re out cold…

  2. and the mcd’s makes sense; salt and grease for a hangover!

  3. I don’t see the flagging tape…

    Seriously though, is it just me or what that space built for your new desk?? It fits perfectly! Nice work.

  4. Being a lightweight has its advantages, if you ask me. You can save a ton of money.

  5. jayfish: glad to hear i’m not the only one!

    zerodoll: yeah, all that bad food really hit the spot.

    hemlock: police tape is next on my list. ;) luckily, being drunk just makes me sleepy.

    weird re: the space, right? i don’t even know why that part is indented like that. it couldn’t have been a door because on the other side is the outside!

    zydeco: that’s a good way of thinking about it. i buy drinks just a few times a year.