Class and a date

This week I decided to take a memoir writing class, rather at the last minute. I got the email on Tuesday and the class started yesterday.

So far so good. It’s less intense than my summer class, which was all about publishing. This one is much more, let’s say, fluid. There are a couple of characters – I think I need one of those dog collars that shock to keep me from rolling my eyes whenever someone says something stupid – but everyone else seems nice and normal, including one woman from my summer class.

I like having a class Thursday night. I don’t mind that it goes late since the next day is Friday. The only thing is I’ll miss is The Office – dammit! I wish they’d rerun it online like they do Heroes.

I stupidly volunteered to have a piece workshopped next week, which means I need to email it to everyone by Sunday mid-day. Ack!

So I have a date this weekend. The anthropologist. I’m trying not to be excited but for some reason I am. I don’t know why. We haven’t even spoken. We exchanged several emails, and last night he called while I was in class. He’s from elsewhere and has a lovely accent. We’ll probably actually speak before the date itself.

He’s not supercute but I’ve done supercute and see how far that got me. He’s rather tall, 5’11”. We’ll see.


  1. I feel like I’m development challenged in comparison. Wow, a date already! That’s great. Have a good time!

  2. A memoir-writing class! That’s fabulous. I hope you get a lot out of it. I know what you mean about know-it-alls in class who feel they need to “contribute” – it’s probably inversely proportional to the quality of their writing. =)

    I’m hoping that you have a really nice date. It’s perfectly normal to be exciting – there is so much unknown and I hope for you that it’s good stuff. =)

  3. Don’t know why you’re excited? Jesus woman, you have a date with an anthropologist. What isn’t there to be excited about!?

    Hope you have a great time.

  4. pandax: everyone has their own pace. when *you’re* ready.

    wyn: i guess what’s weird is that usually i’m just nervous and maybe even full of dread about a date, but never excited. not going to read too much into it.

    hemlock: you make me laugh :D he speaks zulu too.

    thanks everyone for your well wishes.

  5. Have a great time on your date. Being cute is not all it’s cracked up to be.

  6. c’mon, spill the beans….