Supersized recap

Nice and rather packed weekend.

It was Chinese New Year, the year of the Golden Pig, and so my parents had a little party. Normally they don’t do anything, but since it was a long weekend and two of my little cousins are in the area attending medical school and college, they thought it a good opportunity to get the family together.

I think everyone felt a bit weird upon seeing me, the first time since the divorce. All stiff and big smiles: “Um, hi, how are you?” Only the wife of my youngest uncle felt comfortable enough to ask me if I was dating now or what. I told her I’d met someone cool recently, she asked if he were Chinese, I said no, and then I cut off the conversation because my mother was like right there.

Sunday my parents and I went shopping. I finally got a NaNo. I planned on getting the blue but it’s brasher than the blue mini. For some reason, I really liked the red. Plus part of those proceeds go to fight AIDS in Africa. That night I had dinner with AY. We went to this Japanese place I remember liking, but actually it was terrible.

The teriyaki chicken wasn’t like teriyaki chicken at all, just fried pieces of meat. The shumai weren’t light but heavy like dumplings. Plus the service was bad. We were seated next to some “VIPs” whom the owner kept chatting up, and we kept getting ignored. But it was fun to catch up with AY.

Meanwhile, things continue to go well with H. We hung out Friday night, spoke Sunday night, and hung out last night. He’s sick, poor thing. Hopefully I won’t catch it though that would only be by some miracle. However, there’s a chance I was a wee bit sick last weekend and gave it to him. This would be the second tiny cold I’ve gotten over quickly but managed to give to someone else who got out and out sick (the other was my dad).

Thursday night one of his friends is having a birthday party and he asked if I wanted to go. Wow: someone who actually wants me to interact with their friends.

I remember a couple of weeks after I started dating C., I asked if he wanted to go to this improv show my friend was in. He basically freaked out, then felt guilty about it and agreed to go. I was like, Dude, don’t do me any favors, though at the same time, What’s the big deal? He wouldn’t admit though that his freakout had to do with meeting with the friends.

Towards the end of our little fling, which was about 2 months, it was his birthday and he had a party. But did he invite me? Nope. Of course that was the end of that.

I never met any of DK’s friends either. By then I was a lot more careful and didn’t assume that we’d be venturing into that territory. He didn’t let me into his life, like he’d get a voicemail while we were together, check it, and not comment on it.

Not that I need to know all the details, but if it were me I’d say, “Oh, that was my friend, he/she wanted to know. . .” Once I dreamed that DK and I were riding an elevator together, and when he checked his cell phone, he covered it and turned his back to me.

H. has been the opposite of this. I keep feeling like, “Oh, so this is how it should be.”


  1. I hope this keeps going well for you. Why didn’t you list about the food you ate at your folks. I am sure it was great.

  2. I love the red Nano – good choice. =) Also, I’m so happy that Zulu (gosh, is that an offensive nickname even if I know you don’t mean it, if he should ever find out?) is open to you – that IS how it should be and you should never settle for less. Getting to meet his friends will put him into more context which can only be good for you to find out. =)