Inspi(red) but distrac(ted)

I’ve been a little distracted lately and have been totally neglecting my little projects. For instance, running42K is right: I totally should have not only listed all the good food my mom made for the Lunar New Year, I should have taken some damned pictures. I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t.

So from memory, here was our Spring Festival dinner:

  • pan fried fish, a necessity for this holiday, since the Chinese word for “fish” is a homonym for “more than enough” or “extra,” ensuring extra luck and good fortune for the new year
  • stir-fried baby clams with snow peas
  • turnip soup
  • fried pork cutlets
  • steamed pork buns. Normally, you’re supposed to have dumplings, which are like little packages of good luck, but they’re also a lot of trouble to make. The buns were easier for my mom, and they are also like little packages.
  • jellyfish, shredded carrot, and radish salad in a vinegar sauce
  • bamboo shoot and carrot salad
  • short ribs

There may have been some chicken dish too but I can’t remember.

Something else I remembered that I need to do are my taxes. Egads. I still have some time though.

I’m excited about the work I’m doing for my memoir class. I like it when I know where I’m going with a piece, when it’s pretty much mapped out in my head so much so that I can really take my time putting it down on paper. When I don’t know where I’m going, I sometimes write more, just flailing about, trying to figure it out.

I’ve also been wasting time at work playing with my NaNo, which I’m having difficulty with for some reason. Like, why is it so hard to make a playlist? On my mini I could literally drag songs from my library to the iPod, but this doesn’t seem to work the same way. So I’m perusing the directions to figure it out. Maybe having a PC messes it up.

It was so nice to walk home and not have my music run out on me after 45 minutes. Now I just need to get all my songs uploaded. I had over 800 on my mini; unfortunately a lot of those are on a computer I don’t have anymore. But of course I still have the CDs. Here at work I have about 200, which is plenty for now.


  1. Hey Anna,

    Did you give up your mini to get the nano? My ipod is on the verge of dying. I don’t necessarily want to shell out another $300 when I’ve only had the blasted thing for just under 2 years, so I’m trying to decide which player to get next. I have a buttload of songs to upload. Why did you choose to get the nano? Thanks!

  2. i chose the 4GB nano because it has the same amount of memory as my mini (about 1000 songs) and was the same price, $200.

    it does suck to slap down the same amount of cash just 2 years later. an option is to get a new battery for $70-$80 but since the technology is changing all the time, i didn’t want to get “behind” or have something that wasn’t capatible. plus i think i was just suckered by all the marketing.

    now i’m remembering i was thinking about getting th 8GB for just $50 more, which made me think why not get the 30GB with video for the same price ($249). but i primarily use my ipod for working out, and the guy at the store said that the nano is heartier than the other ipod and won’t skip since it has no moving parts.

  3. Thanks for the food update. I think it was worth it as my mouth was watering the entire read.

  4. I did a memoir-type class once and I loved it. We had to read a new piece weekly which, above all else, was a major incentive to write. Good luck.

  5. Ooh… I like that red Nano you bought. Beats my plain vanilla white ipod anytime. :-)

  6. hey! where’d the post go that you had up yesterday???

  7. i was so jealous when i saw the red nano! and they’re for a good cause!

    i got mine last august, back when they only had 4g of storage. no choice. things are always better when you wait … *sigh*