It’s Thursday already

For some reason I feel like I update my blog more often than I actually do. Maybe because I spend a lot of time thinking about what I can and can’t include in it.

H. and I ended up hanging out Monday night, sort of last minute, but guess what? I don’t care. He acknolwedged the last minuteness of it and was very apologetic and said he understood if it was too last minute but that he just wanted to see me. You had me at hello.

We had dinner at this Thai place downtown. In restaurants he always waits till I sit before sitting himself. I’m still not used to this. Every single time, I see him and am like, “What are you doing?”

Tuesday night I went out with YP. H. called while I was out and I called him back when I got home. We had lovely little chat. I guess we’ve been talking just about every day, that is when we don’t see each other, which seems to be a few times a week.

This weekend it will be one month. Crazy. It feels super fast.

He’s away right now, giving a talk at another school. He called me yesterday on the way to the airport and then after he checked in. He said, “I had dinner at this chain called TGI Friday’s,” which for some reason cracked my shit UP. To me it’s like saying, “I had coffee at this chain called Starbuck’s.”

Have class tonight, and then I’m off to Boston tomorrow to see ES.


  1. i’m totally with you on thinking about blogging more than actually doing it…

    yeah, i went shopping the other night at this chain, it’s called Target…

  2. TGI Fridays? That’s hilarious!

    I think about blogging less than I used to, but I always think about including completely mundane things in my blog, like pictures of sushi and stuff.

  3. have fun in Boston

  4. Good weekend for you to be up, the arctic freeze has finally broken! Hope you are having fun :)