I so don’t have time for a post right now

But I don’t care!

Boston was fun. My train ride Friday morning was lovely. I enjoyed much coffee, read, wrote, and daydreamed with my iPod.

I got in around 12:30, and met ES for lunch. It was restaurant week so there were lots of specials. Unfortunately the place we ate at was disappointing. It wasn’t bad but not great. My sirloin cut was average.

Afterwards she had to go back to work so I went to the ICA, taking the Silver Line, which sounds fancier than it actually is. Dude, the ICA is in the mofo middle of nowhere. I got out and had to schlep past these empty lots and warehouses. Apparently though the whole waterfront area is being built up.

The museum was good. Thank goodness there was an audio tour because that helped me understood some of the crazier shit.

For dinner ES picked a great noodle shop near where the play was, Wok and Noodle, I think. I inhaled my entire bowl of peanut noodles with chicken. Yum! IS met us at the restaurant, and then we walked over to the theatre.

The play was so frigging boring. I’m not naming names but damn! Too many charcters, too much going on. We weren’t the only ones dropping off either. Seating was arranged on either side of the stage so that I could see people with their eyes closed and their chins on their chests.

Saw my old professor signing books but I was too chickenshit to say hello. I thought he probably wouldn’t remember me and I’m so bad at schmoozing.

The next morning was leisurely. I was up sort of early so I made myself some coffee (I’m definitely at home at ES’s) and a small breakfast, and read and wrote. Her roommate was awake too so we ended up chatting. Then ES and her other roommate came into the picture and we were all yakking it up.

ES and I spent the afternoon at the fashion exhibit at the MFA. Some of the clothes were stunning and some were just plain weird. Afterwards we took a tour of where I used to live, including the actual house. There used to be a great Turkish cafe near my old street, but we were disappointed to see that it was gone.

Instead we hit a cafe in Brookline, then Russian food. ES was not impressed with her borscht but I enjoyed my meaty-tomaty soup.

Originally we were supposed to go out dancing but I pooped out. IS still came by and we talked our heads off till 1 in the morning, 2 with daylight savings. Then the next morning we had to get up sort of early to meet some of ES’s other friends for dim sum, which was excellent, better than the dim sum ES, her mom, and I had in New York last year. Afterwards we just hung around Harvard Square till it was time for me to go.

The train ride back was shorter than the one coming up, but it felt longer. It was crowded and I was tired and antsy to get home.


  1. D- Glad you had fun in Boston. Next time you should make time to meet me for lunch :-)

    The ICA use to be in a reasonable place, now it really is MOFUN (middle of f..king nowhere).

    Where did you have Russian food? We eat at Victor’s Cafe which, according to my Russian wife, is authentic.

  2. lunch would be great next time i’m up!

    we ate at stoli’s, or stoli, i can’t remember the name. victor’s cafe may have been the one we wanted to eat at, but at which there was a private party – though we didn’t know that at the time and totally crashed it, much to the consternation of the hostess.

  3. Where was your restaurant week food?
    Seeing as I live on the waterfront I take great offense to it being in the middle of nowhere :)
    Granted my waterfront is a 10- 15 min. walk from the ICA and I am smack dab downtown.
    The train is really the best way to travel from there to here though isn’t it?

  4. sitcomgirl: we ate at les zygomates. not that great for what we paid.

    i’m sure where you live at the waterfront is just gorgeous! :)

    the train is the best! i love it.