The unfocused post

Well now we’re back to winter, which is okay. We had such a short, mild season that some snowy weather seems right.

I didn’t have class this week as the teacher had some personal business to take care of. So we’ll have an extra class at the end. Three people were to email their pieces by yesterday. There was disagreement as to when: Wednesday, Thursday, etc. Two said Thursday, to give themselves more time. The third, who is so goddamned annoying, said, “Why not Wednesday? C’mon, Wednesday.”

Guess who still hasn’t emailed her piece?

Right now for class we’re reading Angela’s Ashes. Really really good. I thought it might be too pathetic and depressing, but it’s actually quite funny. And the depressing things are told in a very plain way so that they don’t come off as melodramatic. I’m interested now in seeing the movie.

The other book we read is the Liars’ Club. Again, fucking amazing. People seem to either hate it or love it. Next up is The Glass Castle.

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