Long weekend recap

Only the recap is long, not the weekend unfortunately.

With the ice storm on Friday, the office closed at 2:30. But since it’s not a big deal for me to get home, I stayed till 4, finishing up a few things I’ve been putting off.

Just as I walked in the door, my cell phone rang, a number I didn’t recognize. Turned out to be a childhood friend I’ve been out of touch with for some time. Our parents have known each other since Taiwan, and W. and I have known each other since we were 3 and 4. We grew up together basically, our folks getting together on the weekends to play mah-jongg.

We’re quite different, W. and I. She was always part of that more traditional crowd in which everyone is a young Chinese professional while the people I’ve hung out with has been more mixed.

The last time I saw W. was at her dad’s funeral in February 2005. Of course we couldn’t talk then. I’ve known her dad since I was little and so my parents and I were a MESS, just like everyone else, especially when W.’s brother, who is 7 years younger, got up there and talked about how he was sorry his dad couldn’t see him get married. Oh my God, I just want to cry right now.

Anyway, so I was glad that she called. Normally she lives in Europe with her European husband, but on Friday she was in the city not far from me for a wedding at which she didn’t really know anybody. The reception wasn’t till 7 so we thought that would be a good time to grab a cup of coffee.

Luckily she was in my area because it was really slippery out. We chatted and chatted at a Starbuck’s. I updated her on my whole story, and she was shocked. Her expressions were priceless. She was also very supportive and glad to see that I was okay now.

I held off for so long telling W. because we’ve been out of touch and also because my mother wasn’t ready for her friends to know. Before I went to meet W., I called my mother to warn her that I’d be telling W., but that I’d ask her not to say anything to her mother. But then later I found out my mother told W.’s mother anyway. Her mom is apparently a clam so no one else will know till my mom’s ready.

And what was one of the first things W.’s mom said? “Maybe W. knows someone we can set Anna May up with.”


Anyway, no catch-up would be complete without some gossip. It’s so funny: W., who went to school upstate, is now friends with a bunch of my former friends from my college. I was very good friends with one guy, who I had the biggest crush on for the longest time. We stopped being friends basically cuz he’s a dick, but by then W. was good friends with one of his friends and so she’s stayed in touch with them over the years.

The last time I saw this guy was at W.’s wedding, during which he said hello with an expression like, “How come you didn’t come up to say hi to me?” Um, because you totally dissed me after I was out of the country for six months. I was totally snotty to him the rest of the time.

Anyway, so W. told me that he’s really cocky now. I don’t remember him being that way before, but that could have been an act for my sake. He was basically a liar, so much so that he couldn’t even keep track of his own lies. I believe I wasn’t a true friend to him but someone he kept around to boost his ego.

W. is not judgemental like I am. She generally gives people the benefit of the doubt. But there she was saying that this dude is now such a big talker, constantly bragging about his job, and how annoying that was.

I found that SO satisfying.

Saw Zodiac, which was really good. It was quite long but I wanted it to go on and on. It was a scary movie, but there is one thing that makes me laugh. There was a very suspenseful scene involving squirrels, and one of the squirrels jumps suddenly onto a screen door. And this girl behind me was so startled, she made the most ridiculous noise: “Ohhh!”

It’s not coming across in text. If only I had recorded it. I couldn’t stop laughing after that, also because she herself and her friends were all laughing. It still cracks me up now.

Sunday I got home in the afternoon and was a bum. I did a little more writing, finished Angela’s Ashes, and watched some of season 4 of the Gilmore Girls.

This week at work should be quiet. Almost everyone is away at a sales conference.

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