Sometimes weekends just don’t feel long enough

NJ was the usual. Had lunch at home, then went shopping in the afternoon. I actually felt in the mood and bought a few shirts (one of which I’ll probably return), a Coldplay CD for $8, and some camisoles.

I wanted to take my parents out to dinner, but I think they’re still feeling guilty from what they think are the big bucks I spent at Christmas and would only let me treat them to Wendy’s and Sabarro’s at the food court.

“You guys are cheap dates,” I told them.

That night they watched some bizarre Korean television. First off this variety show with a smorgasborg of entertainers, from an apparently half black-half Korean woman who belted a song an English, to a Korean woman who attempted to sing the same song in English but which didn’t really sound like English, just an approximation of sounds, to an opera singer, to an ‘N Sync like boy band, to a, I have to admit, kinda rockin’ guitar band.

I had a bunch of late nights last week so I went to bed ridiculously early on Saturday, and got a big honkin’ 12 hours of sleep. Sunday morning I worked on the piece I’m handing in to class, and which I’m still working on now. I didn’t expect to have so much trouble with the structure. The beginning especially is very clunky.

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