Weekend update, a day late

So what happens the moment I do a “gorgeous” skin update? I get a pimple. That’s right: a big fat one above my lip. Sexy.

ES came in late Friday night and as usual we stayed up talking. The next day we had a hard time getting out of the house, not leaving till about 1 to meet AY downtown. We had a late lunch at Ruby Foo’s – pad thai, yum! – and then were hoping to get theatre tickets, but the line was ridiculously long. So instead we walked around.

At one point AY was dying for coffee. I tried taking us to Fauchon but forgot where it was and took us the wrong way. So we ended up at David Burke’s in Bloomingdale’s. I thought it’d be overpriced, but it was actually a good deal.

I was the only one starving so I got a bowl of chili for $14. Expensive but whatever. It was GINORMOUS. I asked for 2 small bowls and we each had a hefty serving. So three chilis for $5 a piece. Not bad. Oh, and we got free popovers as well. Everything tasted really good.

After that we headed back uptown and hung out with SB, her hubby, and little Ellie, who was ecstatic to have “Mommy’s friends” around.

The next day ES, SB, and I went to see the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden.

The show of course was lovely and gave me the oppourtunity to pick up my recently little-used camera.

This might be my fave although there aren’t any flowers:

On our way back, we unfortunately just missed a train, and had to wait around for an hour for the next one. Luckily ES had some extra bagel and lobster salad from lunch. For dinner we hung out at SB’s place, ordering burgers and fries.

ES left Monday morning. Boohoo! But little does she know I’ll be visiting her later this month or next. :)

~ ~ ~

Writing class last week was good. I had my second piece – the second part of a longer work – workshopped. Again, everyone liked it and had constructive criticism.

Before class I went into a cafe to get something to eat and the teacher was there. He said, “It’s good,” and I was like, “Oh, the food’s good?” He meant my piece. Looking forward to class again this week. It’s nice to talk about literature and writing and art.

Next Friday, 4/13, I’m going to the Third Annual New York Round Table Writers’ Conference. Last year I only went on Saturday but, like last year, the better discussions are on Friday so I’m taking the day off.

I LOVE this event. I love getting a coffee early that morning and sitting there listening and getting jazzed from the caffeine and the inspiring things other writers have to say. Of course there are the idiots in the audience with their idiotic questions, but whaddya gonna do.

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