Single once again


Sorry but I’m not going into details except to say I learned a lot about myself, I have only good thoughts about him, and we left things on a very positive note.

Hopefully we can be friends – and to tell the truth, right now I hope later on things do work out between us, though who knows how I’ll feel months, or even weeks, from now – but I’m not going to force it. We each need time to get straight in our heads.

I’m sad but this is okay. I can handle sad. It’s uncertainty I have a hard time dealing with.

Some peaceful spinster time is definitely needed.


  1. Oh, man, I am sorry to hear that. This is the worst news I’ve had all day. I do hope things work out. Do something fun during your spinster time.

  2. Oh Anna. =( I’m sorry to hear this after the sweet things we heard just two weeks ago. I hope you guys can be friends, too, but in the meantime I hope your other interests and the fascinating things to do in NY will carry you away.

  3. thanks guys for the well wishes. i do have some fun things planned, a writers’ conference on friday, a trip to l.a./las vegas in june.

    for some reason i’m less devastated than i was with DK, maybe cuz with DK i didn’t feel special but just one in a long line of interchangeable girlfriends. plus he rejected my offer of friendship.

    with h. i know i’m special, as he is to me.

  4. Sorry to read that. Hopefully the joy is recaptured with a new guy very soon.

  5. Sorry Anna. But I’m glad that you’re OK and that things ended on a positive note. Enjoy the Writers’ Conference (I’ve never been to a Writers’ Conference… and I can’t imagine what one would be like… is it a forum for writers and publishers to meet up?)

  6. Bummer, I was hoping things were smoothing out between the two of you. Still, he sounds like a decent guy. It’s nice to have that clean and mature parting.

  7. r42k: thanks. hopefully i can recapture the joy on my own without a guy. :)

    rjvon: it’s the small press center’s ny roundtable writers conference. if you google it you can find more info.

    pandax: it makes a huge difference to end things maturely and poistively.

  8. Thanks for the info on the writers’ conference. By the way, if you (or anyone else) is interested, a fun website that I’m working on just had a beta launch (I’m a db programmer). The url is If you check it out, I hope you like it. Take care.

  9. Sad news, but good that you left it on a positive note, that makes all the difference. It’s Spa Week this week and this seems like a perfect excuse to go pamper yourself :)

  10. oh no … but it sounds like you’re quite at peace with the situation. ending on good terms is always such a relief for me, despite the stress of the breakup itself. hang in there!