More drama from the writerly world

Plus I’m sick of my pathetic last post.

For my writing class, to give everyone enough time to read pieces scheduled to be workshopped on Thursday, the scheduled workshoppers need to send their pieces to everyone by Monday. This week three are up, and only one was sent. Today the teacher wrote everyone, checking if we’d be receiving the appointed pieces in time, if at all.

Then an eager beaver replied to all, saying that if the scheduled workshoppers “bailed” this week, she had a piece ready.

Bailing has been a common occurrence lately. I don’t get why people do it. You pay good money to have your work critiqued – why wouldn’t you take the opportunity, even to turn in something crappy? But it was definitely a poor choice of words.

One of the scheduled workshoppers replied to everyone, “Nice attitude. Some of us write for a living,” and then proceeded to make some sarcastic remarks about how “generous” everyone was.


Email makes communication – or miscommunication – way too easy. Reminds me of this book I heard about on Talk of the Nation. Surprisingly the authors are pro-emoticons. Me too, in the right context and with the right people.

Anyway, the teacher stepped in with some reasonable words, but I’m still nervous about how the interaction between the emailer and the respondee will be on Thursday. Nervous, or excited. >:)

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