Send and you shall receive

Class was good last night though for some reason fewer and fewer people are showing, which sucked because my piece was workshopped. Oh well. Still got some good feedback.

I forgot how we got on this topic, but someone referenced a Hedwig and the Angry Inch song, the Origin of Love, which is based on Plato’s Symposium. I wasn’t familiar with either, but when my classmate started to tell the story, I couldn’t believe it: just days before I had written that into my memoir.

The speech my father made at my wedding was based on this (Plato’s thing, not the tranny thing), about how long ago men and woman used to be one creature with two heads, two arms, and two legs, that the gods split them, and that’s why men and women went around looking for each other, for their “other halves.”

I thought the story sounded familiar though my dad claimed to have made it up.

There were a few things in class that came up like that, and all from the same classmate, like he was in my brain and pulling stuff out that I’d been thinking about recently.

I guess in ESP there are senders and receivers. For a long time I’ve thought I could send out my thoughts, like I’ll be walking behind a slow person and thinking, Move, move, MOVE, and I swear they’ll turn around as though I’ve said it aloud.

In another writing class, we had to pretend to be characters and to pick names for our characters, and about three times in a wrong, someone picked the very name I was thinking at that moment.

When these things happen, I always feel a weird energy in the air, like this buzzing web, but it doesn’t feel weird at the time. It feels perfectly natural.


  1. Strange. Plato’s two-person people came up several times for me recently also. My girlfriend told me about it (after reading Plato for a class) and then I read about it in a review of the film, Zoo, in the Village Voice.

  2. i love the ESP. it happens a lot with me, and i swear i feel the same charge you speak of. i look around in wonderment, as if to say “did you see/hear/feel that? i am powerful!”

  3. rjvon: weird! that film zoo seems strange yet fascinating.

    jay bee: powerful is a good way to describe it. at one with the powers of the universe!