On my way to vacay

Another cool thing about Jet Blue, aside from all the leg room and TV channels, are the free wireless hot spots in the waiting area. Blogging free hand, woohoo!

My flight’s not for another hour+ but as usual I got anxious and left the house early. I always plan on being leisurely, but then I start to think, What if there’s traffic? What if I have a slow poke driver? There was only a little traffic, and while my cabbie didn’t dawdle, he apparently graduated from the gas-gas-brake school of driving.

You know. Instead of releasing the accelerator to slow down, he felt the need to brake, and to brake every two seconds, which made this easily-car-sick person borderline queasy.

Before I left I had the morning free. I got up fairly early and went for a run, planning on my usual 3-4 miles up and down Park Ave, but the sidewalk was still overrun with rush hour commuters. So I ventured out to Central Park, as I’ve been meaning to for ages.

I guess I still have trouble keeping a good pace away from the treadmill. I was at what I thought was a comfortable clip and somehow passing all these people. Why that was I soon found out: after 20 minutes, I started to get really tired, and could barely squeeze out that last 10.

Then on my way back home, I totally got lost, which I always seem to do. I think I’m going east or west, and end up 10 blocks south. Today I thought I was going southeast, and ended up on Central Park West. I was so annoyed with myself. I panicked as I tried to get my bearings, hardly enjoying the operatic voices emanating from rehearsal in the Public Theatre.

Finally, after far too long, I made my way over to the east side and the Met. Whew. Not too out of my way.

The waiting area is amazingly empty. Security was a dream. Something to be said for getting here ridiculously early.

~ ~ ~

I got a call from a headhunter just now. Meeting/event planning at supposedly near my current salary. I’m back and forth about switching to another corporate job, but if the right one fell in my lap, I might take it, just for the change.

I could still work towards my long-term plan of traveling and writing, or at least of building up my clips so that I could get some freelance work, without sacrificing the literary stuff of course. This new job would involve 40% travel, which I wouldn’t mind – I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk or in meetings – at least for a little while.

Any change would be a crapshoot. I’m not looking for any guaruntees of perfect happiness. Just a change, with the long-term dream in mind.


  1. I’d love to travel that much and you would still be based in NYC for the majority of the time. It sounds exciting! I.e., party planner!

  2. 40% travel could get old, real fast. seriously.

  3. Hope you had a great flight and had more luck with Jet Blue than I’ve had recently (My flight last weekend was delayed by 4 hours…) But I agree with you that the TV channels and the wireless access are great.

  4. Enjoy the vacation and good luck with the career decision.

  5. “I’m not looking for any guaruntees of perfect happiness. Just a change, with the long-term dream in mind.”

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I am not sure if travel for business is good or bad. I only travel a week or two a year, and it is still fun.

  6. zerodoll: i’ve been thinking about it and you might be right. i read the job description and it sounds like much madness, setting and running these trade shows. too much madness for me. a little travel is good but not a ton.

    like zydeco said, a week or two or even three or four a year is probably fun, but not almost half the year.