Quick post: Day 2 of vacay

Rethinking the travel thing.

Yesterday my flight was supposed to leave at 4:45. We left at 7:30. Three hours of sitting on the tarmac before any movement.

Can’t blame this on JetBlue unfortunately. While the weather in New York seemed fine, there were apparently severe storms all around us, and so there were dozens of planes from all different airlines waiting in line to take off.

Was supposed to get in at 8. Got in at 10:30. Then waited a year and a half for my bag.

My poor brother waited at the airport for 2 hours. I didn’t call him cuz I figured he’d check the site beforehand, which he did. But it didn’t say anything about delays. Way to go, JetBlue-dot-com!

We were both starving and so picked up some Carl’s Jr. I inhaled my gigantic chicken sandwich.

“That’s impressive,” my brother said.

Impressive, piggish. A rose by any other name.

A leisurely day today. Some shopping, lunch, etc. The weather is beautiful so far, though my brother says it will be hot later.

Need more coffee.

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  1. i had a terrible day traveling yesterday, too. all flights in & out of philadelphia were delayed indefinitely or canceled due to the thunderstorms. since i needed a transfer in philly, it was a completely mess … didn’t get to final destination until well past midnight (original arrival was supposed to be 7:30ish).

    have fun on your vacation!