Rambling on Friday

No Boston for me :( I have to wait for the darned exterminator on Saturday. I tried to get him to come earlier this week but understandably they’re short-staffed.

I ended up not checking out the fireworks on Wednesday. In the late afternoon, I ran in the Park although it was raining. But really it was only drizzling and the trees provided good coverage.

On Sunday I ran 5 miles of the 6.1 Loop. Wednesday I wasn’t sure if I had the energy so I hit the Reservoir path instead, which is 1.58 miles. I think I ended up doing 5 miles again.

When I finished, it started raining really hard, and the several-block walk back to my apartment kind of sucked. Oh well.

I’m feeling sort of addicted to running in the Park. I thought about going again yesterday although my hamstring sort of hurt and I needed a rest. Didn’t go, mostly cuz I didn’t have time.

I also started doing pilates again. I feel like I’m losing both flexibility and strength, hence the aching hamstring. Pilates is HARD. I have a DVD, but I guess it’s been about two years since I’ve done it, and I was sweating bullets. Plus I’d like to do yoga more often. I only do it once a month or so, basically when I remember.

The challenge is my apartment is pretty small. I need to move my coffee table out of the way in order to do anything.

Yesterday I bought a pilates mat. My hardwood floor, even with rug and four towels, is killer on my bones. I figure the mat can double for yoga as well.

Rambling rambling.

Work is absolutely dead today. I’ll work on some writing, then hit the gym this afternoon. Oh yeah, last night YP and I went to this birthday party at this bar in Tribeca (straight one this time, where, ironically, the guys were available but far less attractive). Swanky! That whole area is adorable, very unlike Manhattan: wide streets, townhouses instead of highrises or walk-ups – I never knew it existed.

Speaking of Manhattan, that’s what I had. Woo! Yummy but strong. Maybe I drank it too quickly, but afterwards, I basically couldn’t feel my hands. That feeling faded though. It helped to down a club soda and gorge myself with some pesto pizza.

Mmm, pizza.


  1. i’m so half-assed about the strength and flexibility things; i too own a pilates dvd i did a few times (a few years ago..)

  2. I like your rambling posts. They’re still coherent!

    I started back at the gym this week… ouch. Now I know why I try to keep going!!

  3. I also like the rambling posts. I love to read about running in Central Park. I hope I can do that one day.