Very quiet this week

At least so far.

I feel like I have nothing to post, nor the energy to use the trusty Imagination Prompt Generator. Oh well.

This week I’ve been trying to get back into waking up early and going to the gym before work. Three out of three days so far.

I think the pilates has already made a difference. I guess my body was so used to doing the same old exercises all the time, anything different would jump start it.

I’ve been working like crazy on this short story that’s due July 15 for this literary journal. Hopefully today or tomorrow I can finish it.

Question: Is Nicole Richie pregnant or not? I saw a picture in which she looked extremely preggers but she’s still denying it. Follow up: If she is knocked up, how in the world will her skinny self be able to sustain life?

Confession: I know he’s only 18, but Daniel Radcliffe seems quite yummy in the newest Harry Potter movie.

Facebook: I signed up but I don’t really get it. What else is there besides collecting “friends”? Am I missing something? How is it different from MySpace?

Quandry: I just had lunch and yet I’m already hungry again. It’s yogurt time, which is sort of like Hammer time, only with calcium and no big pants.


  1. I wonder the same about Nicole Ritchie being able to keep something in her belly. I just don’t see it being possible. Also am wondering the same about facebook, signed up a couple nights ago and don’t really get it. Plus, it appears people I went to high school with are too old to be on it, thus defeating my stalking purposes.
    Sometimes I think bodies need a change in the routine, do the pilates for a while then switch it up again to your running?

  2. Wow, I thought I was the only one noticing the young Ratcliffe… Good to know I’m not the only dirty old lady in the blogosphere.

    As for Facebook, no… no point other than collecting friends. What I find complicated is keeping my real life friends from knowing how I met my blogging friends… but I just say I met them randomly. Cuz it’s true. :)

  3. ooo! facebook! it is the same as myspace/friendster, but probably overlaps with friendster more in terms of clientele. facebook is predominantly populated by college people (or people who were in college in the 2000s)

    Daniel Radcliffe DOES look quite yummy in the Harry Potter movie … but I couldn’t help noticing repeatedly how short he is :(

  4. Haven’t anything intelligent to say about Nicole Ritchie or Daniel Radcliffe.

    Facebook is just like Friendster and MySpace that I never joined. I use it mostly as it was intended, to map my connections to the few people who can find me there. As these sites usually go, the more effort you put into it, the more you’ll “get out of it”.

    Interesting point made by Hemlock — would it “out” you if I found you on Facebook and added you?

  5. yeah, i would think it would be hard for nicole to GET pregnant at that weight.

    i was inspired and did a tiny bit of yoga (20 minutes) and got sore, yay! it does feel good to know there are other muscles i could work on.

  6. sitcomgirl: yes, the running+pilates+yoga seems to be the most effective combination for me. that and not eating like a pig.

    hemlock: at least one more dirty old lady right here. ;)

    mini: he *is* short isn’t he? i read somewhere that he’s only 5’6″, but presumably he’s still growing (okay, feeling extra dirty old lady-ish now).

    wyn: no, i don’t think that would out me, unless your facebook is linked to your blog.

    zerodoll: i know what you mean about working other muscles. i was trying to flip over on my brother’s pull-up bar, and i felt like i was using muscles i had forgotten even existed!

  7. I remember hearing somewhere once that women can’t get pregnant if they have less than 10% body fat. Usually the only people who are that thin are hardcore athletes or very ill anorexics.

    All the social sites are fun for meeting people and finding old friends, but yeah on both Facebook and LinkedIn I hate people who I know are just trying to collect links. I really try and push back on people who are just collecting.