Overdue for an update

Back finally! I was in Chicago from Monday through Wednesday, but feel like I’ve been gone forever.

Didn’t get to see as much of the city as I wanted. Took little walks with a coworker, and the view from the hotel was cool, but that’s about it. As for the meeting itself, definitely information overload. After about an hour, I find my brain shutting down. That’s when you need a five or ten minute break to pee, walk around, refuel.

The hotel was pretty nice. The bed was very comfortable with nice sheets and comforter, but I didn’t sleep well the whole time. Kept waking up. It wasn’t that noisy. Maybe it was the dry air that did it, and being in a weird place.

Last night my flight didn’t get in till about midnight, and then I got home after 12:30. So needless to say I’m pooped!

On the top of all that, I had interviews today, yay! It’s for another team at my company. What’s cool about it: the position is very similar to mine, it would be with a woman who is a former boss and with whom I got along really well, and it would be away from my current crazy boss. The downsides: I’d be working most with another former coworker, who I disliked.

I never worked with this person directly. The dislike was more by association. Her assistant DETESTED her and I was friends with that assistant. Her behavior is very snotty and princessy.

New job pros: straight-forward work, cool boss, new environment, better structure, more varied experience

New job cons: bitchy co-worker

Current job pros: very familiar work, cool coworkers (mostly), boss who is a nice person

Current job cons: annoying boss, unclear work objectives, artificially urgent deadlines, being at the beck and call of another team, my career goals unaligned with what my boss sees for me, same old same old

In the interview, I was pretty open about my career goals, that I want to move into operations and think this new experience will help me along that path. The downside is that they may want someone who wants to move up within their team.

Looks like there’s just one con for the possible new job, one I could possibly suck up while I get my MLS.

And on TOP of the interviews, I was moved on Friday and so now I’m getting situated in my new digs, always a little disorienting. I have a blank wall and I kept thinking, What’s missing? What did I have in my other office there? Furniture?

No. A window. :(

Oh well. At least I have an office.

I’m so ready to go home.


  1. Interior offices are definately weird, but at least its still an office!
    Sounds like the new job is a good change and while an annoying co-worker can suck, it has to be better than artificial deadlines and an annoying boss :)
    Good luck!

  2. The change might be good. If the work looks interesting it might be worth a go.

  3. i agree with both of you that the change would definitely be good. the work *does* look interesting, and i’d be learning new stuff.

    now i just need to get the job! :) found out yesterday that 3 other people are interviewing so i have a 25% chance!