The weekend didn’t go quite as planned

But it was still a nice one.

ES ended up going straight to New Jersey Thursday night. Unfortunately SB got sick and wasn’t able to host her, and I had the concert. ES said she wouldn’t mind staying at my place on her own, and I said great! since SB had extra keys. Unfortunately she couldn’t find them. That’s awesome in case I ever get locked out.

The concert was pretty fun, though it wasn’t so much a concert as a 30-minute performance at the end of a long evening. Portions of it were entertaining, like the fashion show and the lip synching drag queens, but parts were tortuous, like all the awards given out and long-ass speeches. (It was a fund raiser for Pride in the City.)

En Vogue was great. They performed all of their hits: My Lovin’, Free Your Mind (my fave!), Giving Him Something He Can Feel, Hold On, Don’t Go, and one or two others I didn’t quite recognize. They’re excellent performers.

Even though ES wasn’t around, it was good I had Friday off since I didn’t get home from the concert till about 1. YP had taken to day off too, so that morning I helped him take some pix for the flyer for his next stand up comedy show. Afterwards I hung around Union Square, going to the Strand, the comic book store, and an Asian market.

Saturday I had to wait around for the exterminator. I hate it when he gets there so late (about 1 this time). By the time he finished, I had total cabin favor.

I went to the Met. Looked at the Poiret exhibit as well as the Asian Art wing. I always like checking out the Buddhas. Plus that part of the museum is icy in the summer, a nice reprieve from hot yucky weather.

Besides Poiret and the Buddhas, I had another celebrity sighting at the Met: Lucy Liu. As she walked by, I thought, That looks a lot like Lucy Liu. Then she smiled and I knew it was her. She’s a wisp of a girl. Probably not more than 5 feet tall and 90 pounds soaking wet. She was with some supercute hipster boy.

That’s the third celebrity sighting I’ve had in as many weeks. Two weekends ago it was Derek Jeter at the Starbuck’s near my house, and then Tony Danza in Central Park. Tony Danza looked kinda weird. He had his shirt off and is definitely in shape, but he seemed almost too wiry. And although he was reading, he kept smiling to himself, like he knew people were watching him.

After the museum, I headed home. I balanced my checkbook (finally!) and paid some bills, including my rent. I have $190 to last me till 8/15. Yikes! I have savings as well but I don’t want to touch that – anymore. I’ve been dipping into savings all summer and I hate myself for it. Buying that MacBook really pushed me over the edge, plus the little trips I’ve taken and the slew of running clothes I’ve bought.

Around 6 I headed out for a run. It was pretty toasty so I was a bit worried, but it was actually all right. The trees in the Park do such a good job of providing shade. I think I started out more conservatively than usual because at the Public Theatre, which is my 2/3 way mark, I thought, Already?

At the end of the 6.1 miles, I still had some energy so I jogged up to the Reservoir entrance, about half a mile, then once around, 1.58 miles. So in total a little over 8 miles. Yay! I used to run 7 or 8 miles at a time when I lived in Boston, which was almost 10 years ago and on a treadmill. To do it outside with some challenging hills felt really good.

The next day was the NYC Half-Marathon. I saw people coming out of it and really wanted to be one of them! Next year, totes. In the meantime I’m gonna look for a 10K. I have a 5K in September, the annual Race for the Cure.

As I was walking out of the Park, I saw this squirrel sitting in the middle of the pathway. Usually they run off when you come anywhere near them, but it didn’t move even when I got up close. Squirrels are fluffy-tailed rats to me, so I slowed down, wary about its next move.

It jerked towards me, which me jump, and then finally ran away. The guy walking behind me was laughing. Nice squirrel.

Sunday morning I worked on my writing, and in the afternoon went to Asia Society to see this film exhibition, which was closing that day. It’s a Taiwanese filmmaker, Chen Chieh-Jen, and the films are silent, extremely artsy performance pieces.

I understood the ones that took place in old factories, but I really didn’t get one that starred himself in a factory, making prints. Then there was one that was a live re-enactment of a photograph of lingchi, which is a Chinese form of torture. Basically, criminals were slowly dismembered till they bled to death. Nice.

Had a quiet evening in, reading and listening to This American Life. Watched more of The Two Coreys, despite myself.

Haven’t heard yet about the job. Will call HR tomorrow morning. In the meantime, my boss sent me a document that is supposed to help me justify my getting a promotion. Hmmm. . .

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  1. Maybe Tony Danza was reading a funny book and that was why he was smiling.

    Glad the running is going well.