I didn’t get the job :(

Ah well.

They decided to go with the person already on their team, which makes sense. I for one would be annoyed if I applied for a position on my own team and didn’t get it. So I’ll keep my eye out for other jobs, and suck it up at my current one while I go for the MLS degree and keep writing.

In other news, the Moondance Diner, a staple in SoHo, is moving out to Wyoming of all places. It’s one of those portable deals, apparently. The diner is most well-known for being the place where Mary Jane worked in the Spiderman movies.

People are making a big deal about it, but the one time I ate there, I thought it was gross. The air was very greasy, there were crumbs on the table, the bathroom was a mess, and, the kicker, I found a short, black, curly hair in my french fries. Blech!

I had the worst workout ever yesterday. Could barely eke out 3 miles. Then I had a cupcake for dessert.

I went out at 8:30 to get the cupcake, and was surprised to see it was already dark. Fall is on its way.


  1. Too bad about the job but you seem to keep a good attitude about it. You’ll get the next one.

  2. Bummer :(
    But you didn’t lose it to someone totally random, so you know you were choice #2.

  3. running42k: yeah, i figure, why get upset? it wasn’t my lifelong dream.

    razzle: true. i think i was pretty close.

  4. Sorry to hear about the job. Happy to hear about the cupcake!!

    Fall is indeed on the way. I noticed it’s getting darker, earlier, here too!

  5. Bummer. It is, at least, a set of good practice interviews.

  6. hemlock: cupcakes are indeed happiness-inducing. :)

    pandax: you’re totally right! like practice dates. :)

    it’s also reminded me what i’ve accomplished, which is helpful for our current performance reviews.