Shouldn’t have had that gin and tonic

My brain has transformed from desert to cotton field.

So my date overall was pretty fun. When it started I was unsure. We arranged to meet at a bar downtown, and I got there super early – which I hate but can’t seem to help – so I went to the Whole Foods nearby and downed an Odawala juice since I was a little hungry and would be having a drink. By the time I returned to the bar, he was there.

The first thing I thought was that he looked rather different than his picture. Then again, his picture was kind of hard to see. If he walked by on the street, I wouldn’t turn my head, but he has the body type I like, tallish and slim, also fit.

Second thing I thought was either I’m overdressed or he’s underdressed. What I wore: jeans, cute short-sleeved button-up black top, and high-heeled boots. What he wore: T-shirt, shorts, sneakers. Hm. Whatever.

He talked a lot and a mile a minute, which was sort of a relief because I hate those silences. And he did ask me some questions about myself, and vice versa. What I liked was that he’s really into movies and has read a lot, and is not discerning in his tastes. Like he’s into both art house and mainstream flicks, as well as literature and lighter reading.

He seemed to know more trivia about movies than I do. I always feel like the one freak who knows some random fact about an actor or movie, but he seemed to be that way too.

Then somehow we started talking about children’s and young adult books, and he mentioned Madeleine L’Engle, who I LOVED as a kid, and still do now. I’ve met people who have heard of her, and maybe even read her, but not anyone who was as into those books as I was.

I mentioned that I liked the last book in the Wrinkle in Time trilogy best, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and we started talking about it in-depth. He kept mentioning characters from it – Meg, Calvin, Calvin’s mom – which cracked my shit up because again I thought I was the one freak who practically memorized the book.

“I don’t think the words, ‘Branzilla,’ have ever passed through my lips,” he said.

Branzilla was another character in the book. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard it said aloud,” I said.

And we both thought a novel one of the characters writes in the book was real, and as kids both did research trying to find any info on it.

We’re supposed to hang out again, see a movie or something.

Aside from that, my weekend was pretty uneventful. I had a long run on Saturday – well, long for me – at 9.75 miles. Once around the Loop, twice around the Reservoir. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and cool, but the sun was a bit of a challenge, as was climbing stairs afterwards.

Also some writing, some shopping. Now I’m hungover, like I said. I have one short meeting and one longer meeting, both this morning. Not so bad I guess.


  1. I’m a random trivia freak as well. It can be tough finding an equal.;)

    I love hearin about dates where people “click.” Hope your next date goes well!

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