Had one of those sleepless nights

Don’t know why. Was it the Diet Coke at lunchtime? Or the chocolate chip cookie in the afternoon? It’s hard to believe either would have such an effect on me. Anyway, I couldn’t fall asleep till after midnight, then was awake at 4:30. At least I got up early enough to hit the gym.

I have a dentist appointment later this morning. Fun fun. But it’s a good thing cuz I noticed last night that I’ve actually worn through my mouth guard. Not the whole thing, just tiny parts of it but still. Imagine if I wasn’t wearing that thing. It lasted more than 2 years, which I guess isn’t bad. Another wad of cash to spend.

A bunch of people are being moved tomorrow so we’re all required to work from home. Or “work” from home, I should say. I do have a call at 9, but that’s it. Guess I should bring my Blackberry home.

Getting my haircut finally on Saturday, and then doing the Race for the Cure on Sunday. Just 5K but should be fun.

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