Such a slowpoke this week

I’ve actually been busy at work these couple of days with all this training, and I keep starting and stopping this post.

Weekend update. Friday I “worked from home,” which involved a conference call at 9 and then answering a bunch of emails. Done by 11! Managed to do a load of laundry before hanging out with SB and daughter Ellie. Had lunch at a diner nearby and then in the Park.

Ellie was cute as she ran through the sprinklers and played on the jungle gym. At one point, a whole slew of little girls in private school uniforms descended. Whenever any approached her, Ellie would get very tentative, watching them with her big eyes, but still open and friendly. I’d be scared of the big girls in uniforms too.

Later I had a 6 mile run, then was just a bum. Saturday I got some writing done in the morning at my favorite Starbuck’s, till a mom and her toddler shared my table. I don’t mind sharing but the mom and kid kept doing the same thing over and over, as follows:

Mom: “Wanna eat? Say yes.”
Girl: “Yes.”
One spoonful of applesauce engaged.
Girl (squrim squirm): Daddy!
Mom, setting girl down: Okay, go.
Girl takes one step forward, falls back on Mom. Mom picks girl up.
“Wanna eat? Say yes.”
Girl: “Yes.”

Again and again and again. Got to the point that I just had to leave. It was getting there anyway with my sore butt on the hard chair.

Sunday was packed. First thing in the morning I had the Race for the Cure. Although it’s just 5K, for some reason I was anxious the night before. Maybe I was worried about waking up on time.

Unfortunately it was kind of a warm morning, with too much sun. Waiting around is always annoying, especially since I’m processing fluids really quickly. Bathroom, thirsty, bathroom, thirsty.

But I was hydrated enough when the race started. Next time I beginning in the 9 minute mile portion. I stuck myself in the very crowded 10+ minute mile part, and when I finally started running, was held back by the slow pokes and walkers. Even had a near collision when another runner and I tried to get around a couple of walkers at the same time.

It seemed even more crowded than other years. Wasn’t till after the first mile that people started to spread out. This summer’s “training” made the 3.1 miles pretty easy. 28 minutes. Not bad I guess.

I made it to Port Authority in plenty of time. YP and I were heading out to Edgewater, NJ of all places to see this art festival his friend’s husband was participating in. Just finding the right bus was a challenge. I thought it was like a train station where you could get a ticket from any machine. But no! Luckily we were pointed to the right place and got the tickets on the bus.

But our adventure didn’t stop there. The schedule showed that our stop was third, so logically we got off at the third stop. Turns out it was way too soon. The schedule neglected to show all the piddly stops in between the main ones. We ended up walking in the heat for a billion years to get to where we wanted to get to. Luckily we did though, and ended up burning loads of calories and getting a tan in the process.

After showing our support to the art world, we stopped for something to eat and drink, and to escape the heat. Edegwater seems weird to me, either young families or super old people. Definitely not a city, but not quite a suburb either. Then we found the stop we were supposed to get off at, which was right outside where the art festival was.

But that wasn’t the end! One of our friends who’s an opera singer was giving a concert. That was at a lovely and peaceful church on the Upper West Side. It was great to sit and stuff our faces with complimentary brownies and drinks. The music was nice though I did find myself almost falling asleep a couple of times.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted, between no sleep, running the race, and all that walking the sun. Took a shower and inhaled dinner, then was in bed by eight. That’s right: eight. Asleep by 8:30.

I’m dying for a haircut! My hair dresser keeps canceling on me, the bastard. But he’s the only one who can cut my hair properly. Took me about 2 years to find him.


  1. Congrats on the run. =)
    That kind of run has soooooo many casual people that you can easily slot yourself amongst the faster people and no one would bat an eyelash.

  2. I’m impressed by your 6 mile run (I usually conk out past 4). And if your hairdresser keeps canceling on you, I would definitely recommend Kelly at Top Cut on Elizabeth St. She’s great and the price is very reasonable.

    Take care,