Weekend highlights

Wow, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since my last post. I guess work was pretty busy last week.

No half-day for me, which was okay since I feel like I accomplished a lot.

After work YP and I went to his friend’s art show in Brooklyn, which was far better than the one in NJ last weekend, and then dinner and drinks afterwards.

Apparently the bar we were in was a gay bar, but it didn’t seem very gay. Maybe cuz it was virtually empty since it was so early and it’s new. It was still fun though. Had a couple of gin and tonics, and played some pool. I suck by the way.

In the morning helped YP with a photo shoot for his flyer for his next stand up show before heading up town for my haircut. Yay, finally!

Grabbed a late lunch with SB. Ridiculously expensive dim sum. Shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, turnip cakes, and fried squid – for $50! In Chinatown we would have paid like a third of that. Last time I’m eating dim sum in my area.

Had a run in the late afternoon. Gorgeous day. Wanted to do 8-10 miles, but was kinda hungover and sleep deprived. Did 6.1 at a 8.34 minute mile.

Was up early again for another photo shoot with YP since the pictures we took on Saturday didn’t work out. Then out to the Brooklyn Book Festival.

I almost never run into anyone I know, but as PL and I were standing in line waiting to get into an event, guess who came out of the crowd. The history professor. We totally made eye contact so there was no way to avoid each other. Like a civilized person, he did come over and chat a bit though probably for too long. It was really really awkward but pretending to be normal. Whatevs.

After the festival, PL and I grabbed some dinner near me, as well as dessert at Pinkberry.

Tonight I’m supposed to go to the movies with a coworker. When it rains, it pours!

The dating front
This super cute guy wrote to me, but his emails sucked. He didn’t ask me anything about myself, and in his very first email, he asked about getting together. That might be okay for someone else, but I personally need a little back and forth before agreeing to meet up.

Still, I wrote back with some questions for him – just making conversation – and said sure, getting together sounded like fun. He responded a couple of days later, not even answering my questions, just: “So when do you want to get together?”

Um, never.

I’ve been in correspondence with a couple of other guys. One is probably too old for me, though he looks young, and the other seems cool. We’ll see.


  1. i am all for the back-and-forth. i hate instant requests for the hookup. seems… desperate, somehow… or it makes me feel as though he’s just trying to see if i’m cute enough to warrant a second date… i am! i just wanna get to know if he’s smart enough to warrant a second date.

    punctuation, grammar, wit, humour, cohesion–all of that matters in my books. what’s the point in looking good if your sweet nothings all end up sounding like a bunch of incomprehensible nothings?

  2. desperate indeed, or one-track-minded. as for the supercute guy, i’m betting he’s thinking he can get away with such shite because of his looks.

    i’m also a sucker for good email. it doesn’t have to be literature – but at least answer a direct question. sheesh.