Another boring post about writing

Writing class was good last night.

There were just four of us and the teacher since a couple of people couldn’t make it, but it was still worth it. We spent some time talking about the writing process, and two of my classmates talked about how hard it was to write for a living, and then go home and try to write for themselves.

I was actually kind of glad to hear of that. As you know, I’ve been back and forth, wondering if I should go to j-school or pursue freelance writing more diligently. My job is boring as hell, but that leaves me lots of energy to write. For instance yesterday I spend the bulk of the afternoon working on the piece I workshopped last night.

And my marketing job probably pays better than something artsier or non-profit. But I still definitely don’t want to stay in it for too much longer.

I’m excited about my book. I’m finishing up the China/cousin part, and will begin to intersperse through the already written marriage/divorce part. Maybe the cousin parts will sort of be the thread that the rest is tied to. She and I have had such parallel lives, it almost seems like it would have to be thread. But I won’t know for sure till I actually start revising.

The teacher teased me for being so adamant about at first not wanting to mix the marriage/divorce and China/cousin parts. “When I suggested it,” she told everyone, “she was like, ‘Um, no.'” I really like her. We’re the same age, and she tells it like it is but at the same time is sensitive about her critiques (unlike my professor in grad school who was a complete asshole). Plus she had a good sense of humor.

Next week people may or may not show up because it’s Halloween. I can’t remember the last time I actually did anything.

~ ~ ~

On two other notes, 1) it’s freezing today! Yay! But I wish I had worn a scarf. 2) Something’s wrong with the lock on the first outside door of my apartment building. My key doesn’t fit it in it, though it fit in the day before, and it fits in the second outside door, and the door to the basement.

Last night I was panicking as I tried to get in. Finally, I buzzed a neighbor on my floor and they were kind enough to buzz me in.

I think it’s a lock rather a key problem since the door was propped open this morning. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


  1. Maybe its a weather thing? The lock gets stiff or shrinks in the cold?
    I wish I’d worn a scarf today too!

  2. could very well be! luckily they fixed it though.