Halloween is for weenies

No, not really. I’m just grouchy that I have to go to class, though apparently some people will be showing up in costume.

Finally got in my library science applications. At first I was set on the cheaper school, but after speaking with a few people, have decided maybe it’s not worth the hour commute. That’ll suck come February when it’s all cold and dark.

My company will probably pay most of my tuition so why not go with the more expensive, more conveniently located other school. Plus I’m pretty sure now I want to go into corporate librarianship (working in a museum just pays too little), and the expensive school has a program specifically for that.

Last night MB and I saw We Own the Night. It was just okay. The acting was very good, but there were plot holes. Like, hey Joaquin Phoenix – AND HERE COMES A SPOILER BUT NOT REALLY CUZ IT WAS KINDA FREAKING OBVIOUS – are you really surprised your Russian-mob-like boss would take his nephew’s side over yours?

This weekend ES is coming to visit. Yay! Saturday night is YP’s stand up show, and Sunday of course is the marathon.

So sleepy.


  1. Did you dress up?

    I so want to run NY marathon some day but I always end up losing the lottery. Tried three times and no dice.

  2. i did! post to come.

    i think if you lose out on the lottery three times in a row, you’re guaranteed a spot.

  3. Wow, I still can’t believe you are applying. That’s wild.

  4. zydecofish: i’m excited about it, partly about getting back in an academic environment and partly to start doing something different that will take me out of my current (extremely boring and annoying) job situation.