Pot, kettle – nice to meetcha

I’ve no problem with interracial dating – I mean, obviously. All the guys I’ve dated since my divorce have been white. But I do have a problem with unequal dating, and especially – call me small-minded if you must – unequal, interracial dating.

Case in point:

Last night on the train, on my way to see my, um, white boyfriend, I saw the quintessential icky couple: old old, unattractive white guy + super young Asian female.

How old and unattractive? Like almost 50, gray mullet (yes: MULLET), gray trucker moustache, really short and scrawny.

How super young and Asian? Mid to late 20s, accent, loud, slightly crazy FOBish clothes. I just wanted to grab her and say, “You could do so much better! Put up on an online ad and you’ll have many many choices! TRUST ME.”

I guess it could be love though. Or a green card.


  1. Or a place-holder. Or a sugar daddy. ICK.

  2. My boyfriend is Asian (I’m white) and I feel exactly the same way when I see the couples like you describe. I feel like such a hypocrite as well, but I just can’t help it! It baffles me!

  3. Maybe they are both hipsters and living in a state of irony.

  4. i see that in my boy’s neighbourhood, but the men are old and white, and the women are young, black african women. it’s puzzling. my boy looks quite a bit older than me (the diff is only 6 years) and we get stares like that all the time. but at least he’s cute! LOL

  5. wyn: i’ll see your ick, and raise you a bleh.

    kai: totally! it’s like uncontrollable judgement.

    catherine: that explains the matching trucker caps, porn star T-shirts, and skinny jeans.

    dalia: yeah, you definitely see that across races. and though my bf and i look the same age, he also kinda looks like a convict (shaved head, goatee), so we get stares occasionally – but like you said, at least he’s a cute convict!

  6. Haha – i can’t say I don’t disagree! I see it all the time! But I guess as long as they’re happy???


  7. Asian women always look so young – do you think she may actually have been his age?

  8. lidia: happiness is overrated. ;)

    plue: if she was actually his age, i want her beauty products, so that i can look. . .six.