Too many meetings

So I’m on this task force, or steering committee, or whatever they hell you want to call it. We have painful 2-hour meetings sometimes twice a week. So far I’ve had no active role. Thus, I’ve started skipping them like crazy.

But that doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty about it. This morning I was totally going to go to the one from 10 to 11:30, but then I got an updated invite that said 4 PM – on a Friday! I reluctantly accepted.

Turns out that was for a DIFFERENT meeting. Same task force, different meeting. Turns out the 10 to 11:30 hadn’t changed, but by the time I realized, it was about 10:45.

So I guess I could have gone for the last 45 minutes. Then I checked my calendar for next week and there are three – count ’em, THREE – on this same topic. One on Tuesday for 2 hours, one on Thursday for 2 hours (can’t go to that one), and one on Friday at 4 (the one I thought was today).

Are you freaking kidding me?

Library school, library school, library school.

My memoir is coming along as well. Lately folks from my last class have been finding me on Facebook, MySpace, and LinkdIn, as well as good old-fashioned email. It’s funny cuz I’m used to being the one in the background, the one people don’t notice, and don’t remember later on. But I guess when you’re in smallish class and spilling your guts out on paper every couple fo weeks, you create an impression.

Maybe if I get back in touch with enough people, we can form a little online writing group or something, which would be conducive to next year while I’m busy with MLS classes.

11:15 and I’m hungry already.


  1. Ah, meetings. I am always amazing at what a waste of time most of them are. By the way, Librarians love meetings, really really love them.

  2. noooo! say it isn’t so!

  3. Oh, it’s true, especially in academia. Sometime, they go on all day :-(