Whiny post

Wah, back at work and so don’t want to be.

My boss was especially annoying last week, which makes me even less motivated. Not only is he annoying, he’s a terrible manager. For example, he’ll blame the team for not doing something that he never told us to do. After getting chewed out in a meeting, he’ll turn to us later and say, “You guys should have done that,” when he never stressed the importance before.

I know I have to stick it out till I finish school, but I don’t know how much longer I can take. Today I looked at job postings again. You know the highest level secretary here – what they call a “coordinator” – makes only a little less than I do, and probably the same with overtime? So tempting, though I’d never be allowed to take a demotion.

Yes, that’s how bad it is.

Otherwise I had a lovely few days off. Spent lots of time with MB. We saw Juno, which we both really liked. I also enjoyed the soundtrack quite a bit and might buy it. Last night we saw, get this, Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, a pure MB choice, though I’m a total Alien fan and thought it might have some promise. Not! Some of the fight scenes were cool, but the rest of it was just horrible. I don’t need David Mamet dialogue, but at least I don’t want to be rolling my eyes every two seconds.

We also did quite a bit of work, he cooked a few times, and we went shopping one day.

I went to the ‘rents’ on Monday. It was uneventful. I realized what I had planned to give my mom – a bunch of treats from Jacques Torres and some coffee from the Porto Rico Trading Company – wasn’t enough so I suggested a trip to the mall.

We thought it’d be a madhouse, but it was quite empty. By 4ish everyone had skedaddled to start Christmas Eve dinner. It was just me and my parents and Mongolian hotpot so we weren’t in any rush. Ended up getting a Nordstrom gift card for my mom, and a couple of books for my dad, as well as a few things for myself (new jeans, long sleeved Ts, undies).

One night is definitely enough at the ‘rents. By the next morning, they were bugging me about stuff. 401K, where I’ll work after my degree, buying an apartment in the city. Okay, gotta go! Was back in the city Tuesday afternoon.

MB and I both took yesterday off, and just had a lovely day together.

The main reason I’m crabby today is that I actually have meetings. From 11 to 3. :( Oh wait, the 2 is canceled. Yay! And the 11 may not take the whole hour. I had ANOTHER meeting at 10 but I totally skipped it. I’m sick of this place.

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  1. Wow, your post sums up how I felt at work today. Stupid meetings.

    I wanted to see Juno but was afraid it would be sucky, glad to hear its good!