A lovely New Year’s Eve

Our only plans were to bar hop, witnessing the hilarity and stupdity of hipsters drunk out of their gourds, but instead we ended up at P*ong.

P*ong is the new restaurant from former pastry chef, Pinchet Ong (get it, P. Ong?), so we thought it was going to be all desserts. Turns out the special New Year’s Eve tasting menu was a mixture of savory and sweet, sometimes in the same dish (braised duck pot pie with dark chocolate and cherries, anyone?).

I liked everything except the foie gras. Usually I like goose liver, but I wasn’t in the mood for something so heavy. The first item was actually different than on the website menu. Instead of creme fraiche, the caviar was paired with a miso ice cream. The combination of the salty fish eggs and mild ice cream was really good.

Out of the everything, I loved the warm date and chocolate cakes the best. Again, the last thing was a bit different. Instead of crystalized rose petals, it was crystalized violets.

I wish I had brought my camera. Those dishes totally belonged on film.

Oh, another thing I didn’t like was my drink. I got the blush, which was sake with
navan, blackberry and lychee. Tasted like cough medicine, but maybe I’m just a lightweight.

At first I thought the price a bit steep and was reluctant to stay, but MB convinced me that it was okay to splurge since it’s just a once a year thing. I’m glad he did.

We got there around 10 and were eating till past midnight. I thought we’d miss the New Year, but at 12, one of the staff turned up the lights and shouted, “Happy new year!” and everyone stopped eating for a second to wish each other the same.

Afterwards we did walk around a bit, though we didn’t actually go into any bars. Since when does “dressing up for New Year’s” equate “dressing up like a hooker”? Apparently at least since Monday night. Never have I seen so many too short sparkly dresses paired with too tall rhinestone stilettos.

There were many drunk people but not too many. There was a couple who’d give Amy Winehouse and her husband Blake a run for their money, as well as a girl getting sick on her pizza, another girl telling her friend to “back the fuck away from me!” and some other girls dancing sluttily in the window of a restaurant.

Ah, youth.

As for resolutions, I usually try to stay away from them. I do however need to be more organized with my time, not so much as a resolution but out of necessity what with school starting soon, wanting to finish my memoir by March, and wanting to get back into exercising regularly. I’ve been a total slacker these past few months. I don’t think I’ve gained much weight, but I feel soft and less toned.

Camclark pointed out to me that being a librarian is apparently one of the best careers to have in 2008. Who knew? Most overrated? According to the article, being an ad exec (I coulda told you that), a chiropractor (darn! there goes my second choice), and a real estate agent, among others.

I was really dreading going back to work today, but it wasn’t too bad. It helped that I got some stuff done this morning that I had been putting off. I’m exhuasted. Last night like an idiot I had some coffee after dinner. Duh! I got an hour of sleep, if that. Still managed to get in a short workout this afternoon though.

So glad it’s a short week this week, and that MLK weekend is right around the corner.


  1. Sounds like an interesting tasting.

    Happy New Year to you and hope 2008 is great for you.

  2. I dress up like a hooker every new years eve. I’ll have to read that article about being a librarian as a good career to have in ’08. I am not so sure, but maybe.

  3. Short sparkly dress? Check. Stilettos? Nope.
    Guess I’m safe from the hooker look!

    That sounds like a great NYE and a tasty restaurant. One more to add to my list of places to try.