Just when I thought I was out. . .

. . .they suck me back in!

Only I could interpret good news as bad: I just found out I got a promotion. It’s long-awaited. I’ve been doing the job of that position for at least a year now. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m not super excited. Plus with a promotion comes more pressure and even higher expectations.

But do they really? I know where I want to go, and that’s out of here when I’m finished with school. I don’t think the money will even be incentive enough to stay longer than I need to.

As for the weekend, MB and I saw There Will Be Blood. It was excellent – the story, the music, the actors, though at times Daniel Day-Lewis threatens to become a charicature of himself. Unfortunately we got there late and so had to sit in the front row. Neck strain!

What the heck else did we do? Oh yeah, we rented a bunch of Dextor DVDs and have been watching those like crazy. It’s a great show though we’re a little burned out by this point.

Now do I feel anymore motivated at work because of the promotion? Just barely.


  1. you live the movie-watching life that I want to live! every time you mention a movie, i think “oooo, that’s one that i’ve been wanting to watch!”

    glad that you’re thumbing up There Will Be Blood!

  2. I heard that Daniel Day-Lewis is channeling Victor Newman (Y & R) in this one. Is that true?

    Congrats on the promotion, I think…

  3. Congrats on the promotion. If nothing else, at least it looks good on a resume.

  4. zydeco fish: i actually have no idea who victor newman is. my soap of choice was santa barbara. ;)

    running42k: you’re totally right that it’s a resume booster.

    thanks for the congrats!