A mostly quiet weekend

The rest of the weekend before MB came home was quiet yet productive. Saturday I putzed around the house before heading out to run some errands in the afternoon, and then coming back and basically attacking my apartment, trying to get rid of clothes and books I don’t need.

I ended up emptying almost half my closet. Who knew there were so many shirts I haven’t worn in more than a year? I really have had no excuse not to donate stuff. There’s a Housing Works right near my place. I dropped off an estimated $900 worth of clothes on Sunday. More to come! As for the books, there’s a Housing Works Used Books Cafe downtown. Will want to schlep my stuff down there soon.

Sunday was another productive day. Aside from giving stuff to Housing Works, I ran some more errands and worked on my writing before heading downtown to YP’s birthday party, which was fun. Lots of laughing and talking. I made the mistake of having two cosmos so that by the time I left, close to midnight, I had the hugest headache ever.

MB’s flight landed around 10:30, and he got to his place around 12 AM. It was so nice to see him again after all those days apart – gee, just four, but it felt like a long time. :) We both had yesterday off too, which was fun.

Must workout today! My legs are getting that crampy feeling from not running enough.


  1. putzed is such a great word.

  2. Mmmmm, lazy-yet-productive weekend… I want one!

    I know what you mean about needing to get moving. My body needs to get back to the gym, that’s for sure!