Jam-packed catch-up

I’ve been pretty lame about keeping up in here. Between work, school, and hanging with MB, I keep losing track of time, though in a good way.

I’m enjoying school so far. One class is pretty boring, but the other is quite engaging. Still, both are a nice escape from work. It’s a relief to hear stuff that actually makes sense (ie, not my boss) and not have artificial urgency associated with what I need to do.

But of course there are dumbasses who annoy me. One, the old bat who last time said she “doesn’t read much” and seemed to be hearing about the internet for the first time ever, and two, this girl – she can’t be more than 22 – who works in a library now and can’t shut the fuck up about it.

And the stuff she says is totally mundane – “Yeah, we have people fill out a form for that,” “Yeah, we automatically tell people that’s on hold,” “Yeah, we interrupt the teacher every two seconds to talk about stupid junk.”

The professor is very patient, more patient than I could ever hope to be, but after a while even she was like, “Just a second,” so that she could finish a fricking point.

Meanwhile, the old bat derailed a discussion about technology and how it – or the lack of it – affects equal accessibility (eg, the lack of broadband in rural areas) by suddenly talking about cell phones.

Y’all, I’m paying good money for this class, so put a sock in it!

As for work, it’s as bad as ever. I recently learned that the whole team is actively disengaging from our boss. Everyone mostly sits down this one hallway (except for me and another woman, who sit perpendicular to that hallway), and lately I’ve noticed that everyone’s doors are always shut. I kept thinking, Is everyone on a conference call? Is everyone out?

Then one of my coworkers told me how everyone avoids our boss like crazy. I thought it was just me and that I was being immature. For instance, I dread our one-on-one meetings, and do everything in my power to avoid them. But people have been blatantly canceling their one-on-ones left and right.

Besides the fact that talking to our boss is just plain painful, he talks to everybody several times a week. Last night he “dropped by” at 5 and we argued for about 45 minutes. I basically don’t agree with a lot of what he calls strategy, which makes no sense. Bunch of bullshit is more like it.

Aside from work, things are good. Over the weekend MB and I rented Time, this Korean flick. The premise was promising, but it sort of fell apart at the end. Also the woman comes off as so psycho, it was hard to take it seriously.

We’ve been thinking about signing up for Netflix. Usually we go to this Blockbuster, but it totally sucks. Here’s why:

1) While there are a million copies of The Game Plan, there are just a few independent movies.

2) The DVDs are sort of in alphabetical order, but not really. H, I, J – um, H again, now G, now J!

3) Scattered throughout are these horrible-looking, straight to DVD horror/scifi/soft core porn movies with titles like Ice Spiders, She Likes Girls, and my fave, Killer Drag Queens on Dope, starring Alexis Arquette, of the Rosanna/Patricia/David Arquette family fame.

God, I might just have to rent that one out of curiosity.


  1. I love Netflix! Occasionally I miss the browsing of the Blockbuster aisles and the discovery of something good (or so bad it’s good), but overall it’s fabulous. Turnaround time here in NYC is fantastic too.

  2. Killer updates are fun!!

    Stuff like that at work must be draining. Why are there such plugs in the world??

  3. Killer Drag Queens on Dope! Wow, I think I have to see that.