Back home

Thank God. How I loved seeing the dingy buildings of Queens on my taxi ride home. How I missed walking around outside, though it was cold as a mofo last night and snowing like crazy today, so not that enjoyable. But at least I didn’t have to walk through a smoky casino and get totally lost.

My time in Vegas was soso. I didn’t have the chance to go outside at all, and missed seeing dayling and whatnot, but like I said, at least my presentation went well and I had a beautiful room with three – count ’em, THREE – flat screen TVs. One in the sleeping area, one in the living room, and one in the BATHROOM, which I didn’t even notice till my last day.

However, the problem was they were all HD so anything not in HD looked like crap, distorted and grainy. I ended up watching HD Discovery! and random movies like Lawrence of Arabia and The Natural. They did look really amazing.

Wednesday night I ended up going to the wrong dinner. Our group has a new name, which I didn’t recognize, so while all my teammates went there, I went to the one I usually go to. I recognized some people from headquarters, but no one from my own team, and ended up making small talk with a bunch of strangers, which I HATE.

Afterwards as I was walking back through the casino, I heard my name, and there were my co-workers playing slots. I ended up hanging out with them till about 11, or 2 AM eastern time, and then didn’t get to sleep till almost one after packing and chatting with MB. Had to wake up at 4:30 to catch my 7:30 flight, which got me in barely in time for class at 6:30. So needless to say it was challenge to get through that particularly boring class.

Today it’s snow snow snow. In fact our offices have already closed and I’m just hanging out. Had my first interview for that position I want. I guess it went well – it didn’t go badly – but it’s always hard to tell. I have another interview for the same position on Monday.

This weekend it’s all about homework. I’m a little behind with reading for my boring class, and I have a short paper for the Monday one. We have to write about a “library leader” and how they contributed to the library profession. My choice is Andrew Carnegie.

I picked up this book, which may have been a mistake because it’s a zillion pages and goes on and on about his businesses, as well it should but it’s not necessary for my 5-page essay. I’m trying my best to skim through it at least, and concentrate on the sections that talk about his contributions to public libraries.

I’ve been neglecting my own writing lately. After this weekend I want to pick it up again.

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