So sleepy

Got maybe 6 hours, which usually is okay, but for some reason today I’m very tired.

Friday was basically a wasted day at work. Had one stupid meeting, and then because of the snow the offices closed at 2. MB was still at work so I just hung out, doing schoolwork. We grabbed dinner at Metrazur in Grand Central.

Had a nice weekend. Spent a good chunk of time, but less than I anticipated, working on my Andrew Carnegie paper. Saturday was finishing up research and typing up my notes, while Sunday was actually writing. I got most of it done before MB and I headed out in the afternoon.

We hit another museum, the Met this time. Actually we wanted to go to the Guggenheim and check out the crazy Cai Guo-Qiang exhibit that includes a huge arc of what look like stuffed wolves (they’re actually made of wire and papier mache, and covered in goat skin). But because the exhibit just opened on Friday, it was a madhouse, so we went to the Met instead.

We got there an hour before closing, but because my corporate ID gets us in free, we didn’t mind. We just wandered around, stopping to look at the instruments exhibit as well as arms and armour. Next time we’re going for longer.

I don’t feel like doing anything today. This morning I had a slew of meetings, then my second interview for that job. I guess it was okay, but again it’s hard to tell.

Have class tonight. Gonna try to work out beforehand.


  1. Wow, two posts in a week. Welcome back I hope.

  2. i know, crazy right?