This coffee is kicking

Plus I got a bit more sleep last night, plus all my morning meetings were canceled. So I’m feeling pretty good.

You know how I hate presenting but the short one I gave in Las Vegas went okay? Well, this week people have been giving me with compliments. I heard you were the best presenter. You were so funny. You were so relaxed up there. I appreciate the praise but I also feel like, Well, I only had three slides to remember.

Then again, maybe I succeeded in psyching myself out. Because I kept thinking, Well I only have three slides to remember, I felt confident and that came through. I’m sure I’d have been more nervous and stiff if I had as much to remember as my co-workers. But this could be my breakthrough. Maybe next time I’ll remember this feeling, even if I have a zillion slides to present.

For our Library Professions class, we have two presentations to give, and I am suddenly feeling excited about them, when just a few weeks ago, I felt nervous. It really helps to try to convert that anxiety into excitement.

Speaking of library school, last night we had a guest lecturer, a librarian from the Princeton Public Library, which is apparently kick-ass (please note, Princeton Public Library, not the Princeton University library).

I’d pretty much assumed that I’d be a corporate librarian, but as I keep hearing and reading about public libraries, I’m becoming more intrigued by that venue instead. The pay is crap, but it might be fun to do educational programs and outreach and help the community. Of course I don’t have to decide right now. I might still pay the Princeton Public Library a visit since that’s basically my hometown.

I got an interview set up for another job I applied for at my company. While the other one is basically running the operational side of customer programs, this one is about developing and coordinating corporate communications, which I might like better. That’s on Friday.

MB downloaded a bunch of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes, and so we’ve been watching those. I’d never seen that show before. It’s freaking hilarious.

Guess I should do some work.


  1. Please PLEASE do share your secret for turning anxiety into excitement. I am in awe of your speaking skills….I’m a wreck when I have a meeting with just one other person, much less a whole room full!

  2. Good luck on the interview. Nice to read that the presentation went so well.