Feeling better

Helped that I ran five miles yesterday, and have been trying to lay off the junk. For instance I could have had gelato for dessert last night, but I went with the sorbet instead.

I think I’m ready for my midterm tonight. I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday studying. Then on Monday I have a short paper due, which I should be able to crank out pretty quickly.

Another one of our assignments – which is due at the end of the month – is to do a site visit at a library and write a paper on our observations regarding how well – or not – it’s run. My choice is the Memorial Sloan Kettering medical library. I called them yesterday and have something set up during the week I’m on spring break. On that day they’ll be giving training to some nurses on an online tutorial system. Should be interesting.

MB and I have planned our first vacation together. It’s a short one, essentially a long weekend at the tail end of my spring break, but a going-away-together all the same. We’ll be heading down to Charleston, South Carolina. It’s just a two hour flight, and MB has been there before and said it’s a nice, pretty town to spend a weekend in. Hopefully it will be somewhat warmer than here!

I want to check out the places that Rachel Ray visited on one of her $40 a Day episodes. Not that I’m such a huge fan of hers, but wherever she goes on that show seems good.


  1. Wow, one little innocent comment about running and you turn into a Kenyan training for the NYC marathon.

  2. Good job on getting out and running two days in a row! I’ve got to re-learn that good ole feeling instead of vege-ing on my couch. :S

    Oooh, it’s so exciting that you’re going on a trip with MB. I totally would want to try Rachel Ray’s $40 day – knowing how expensive a day’s meals could be otherwise!

  3. running42k: hardly! :) but your comment was indeed motivational.

    wyn: yes, i’m looking forward to our little trip. as for saving money on the rachel ray meals, we’ll probably end up blowing it on others.

  4. wow!! i’m so jealous you’re going to charleston.

    i’m from there, in case you don’t remember from my (nonanonymous) blogging days. yay :)

    i hope you have fun. Jestine’s kitchen is good hearty southern food (but not too healthy :)