Spring flinging

As in flinging stuff.

Spent the weekend getting rid of stuff. Must have made four or five trips to the curb, and each time the stuff mysteriously disappeared. That is till I saw one of my Crate and Barrel boxes in the foyer of the Chinese acupuncture place next door. Chinese people love free stuff.

Also shredded a slew of old documents, getting my two file boxes down to one. Dumped a huge garbage bag of clothes I haven’t worn in years at Housing Works. $900 worth! I also have books I need to donate, and a box of kitchen stuff that was too heavy for me to bring down to the curb. Hey, MB, first order of business when you get back from Chicago!

Aside from the spring cleaning, I hung out with YP a bit Saturday afternoon. Had a coffee and a nosh, then walked around the city. It was a gorgeous day, like winter was finally ending. Today I saw SB and Ellie for a little while. Little Ellie had the crazy medusa hair going.

Just one day of work this week. There’s a small thing I totally procrastinated and need to take care of tomorrow. I feel myself getting stressed, but I need to remember that it’s really a small thing and can be taken care of. I don’t know why I always do this to myself – procrastinate to the point where I’m totally stressed and wake up at 5 in the morning and can’t sleep anymore. I’m such a doofus.


  1. Just throw the heavy box out the window.

  2. good idea! and if i get arrested or sued, i can just say running42k told me to do it. ;)

  3. Sure, go ahead. I am fairly sure they don’t extradite you for that.